Friday, January 4, 2013

Expiration Dates

Just a short post today, I was wondering about the storage life of teabags. I can live without coffee, although I might be banned from the house, but tea needs to be available for dinners and the caffeine.
Currently, tea is readily available and cheaper to stockpile than coffee, so this makes it our frugal choice for a quick caffeine fix.

Now to figure out how to make ice with no power!
Oh, 18 months without any changes to the packaging is the shelf life of unopened tea bags. We will be putting them in mylar bags with Oxygen absorbers, so I'm pretty sure the life can be extended to maybe 5 years. While this is only a guess, I'm not aware of any studies to check my information. I'll let you know in  5 years :-) 

The point of this article is to plug a website for food storage shelf life. Still Tasty:Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide is today's link.

Keep Right On Prepping -K


  1. Thanks for the reminder of 2 more things I need to add to my food storage. I am sure we could use mylar bags with an oxygen eater for the tea bags.

    1. Hot tea on a cold winter evening/morning sure would be a welcomed luxury.

  2. I found some information here - - but nothing specific.
    I think your estimation is probably a good one.

    1. Hey LindaG - thanks for the info! From the article it sounds like airtight is the way too go along with cooler temperatures.

  3. This gives me something to ponder I have a lot of tea stored in the celler I have just stored them in the box that they come in. I do rotate them though but think I will have to look into this a little more.
    Have a great week-end

    1. Connie- good to hear from you. Maybe repackaging them into mason jars would seem like a quick and easy fix. This would limit the oxygen and moisture exchange.


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