Saturday, April 11, 2015

MRI Adventure Story Time

My last MRI scan of Friday turned out to be a real adventure. This black lady comes in and proceeds to hassle the front office ladies about "She don't know about no stuff on that piece of paper." I tell my co-worker that I'll take care of it. I call the lady back, get her situated in the dressing room, and tell her that we need to go over a few questions.

BL:"I dun told that girl that I don't be knowin' about dem questions you be askin'."
K:"Have you ever been a sheet metal worker or had metal in your eye?"
BL:"Listen, I don't be rememberin that silly stuff. I was in a accident, and I got whiplash. I looked it up on Google and I'm gonna get paid." (rolling her neck as she's talking)
K:"Have you ever been a sheet metal worker or had metal in your eye?"
BL: "I don't know"
K: "Okay, listen. Here's the deal. Unless you can answer these questions, I'm not gonna scan you, because I'm not gonna risk injuring you or causing any harm."
BL: "Well, I got a headache from that whiplash. I read it on the computer."
K:"Have you ever been a sheet metal worker or had metal in your eye?"

Her memory got markedly better, and was able to answer the rest of the questions. I got her into the MRI room,and onto the table for the cervical and lumbar spinal scans. At this point, I was pretty fed up with all of her nonsense. She reminded me that I needed to do a good job, even though she wasn't paying for it. Well dear, that letter of protective for the lawyer's office, that you signed, clearly states that any settlement that you receive will have the lawyer fees deducted, then the scan, then the remainder will be awarded to you. So yes, you are paying for the scan, if you get a settlement.

Imagine my surprise when the first few images came back, and the cervical spine looked good. I'm not a radiologist, but I'm not stupid either. At this point, I decide that she's right. She needs me to do some of my best work. I tweak a few of the parameters, and make some crisp clear high resolution scans.

MRI is all about trade-offs. The trade off in this case is that the scan times have increased by about 50%. I'm chuckling inside because I've got this lady (I use the term loosely), with a headache, in the scanner for about 40 minutes instead of 25, and I'm getting some excellent pictures of her "whiplash" so that she'll probably lose her case. Some days it just doesn't get any better than this.

 Keep Right On Prepping - K

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A World of Change

(Disclaimer: There might be foul language involved.)

As my regular blog readers know, most of the guys from our graduating radiography class get together once a month to stay in touch and have a few laughs. We take turns picking restaurants and spend a few hours drinking a beer or two, eating good food, and having a few laughs. I like to pay in cash, and on three of the latest occasions the waiter/waitress has decided to keep the change. I usually tip well, since I worked on the industry for 23 years. I can do simple math in my head, and I'm usually easy to get along with. A cash tip is great for the waiter since they only have to claim 8% of their sales for tax purposes, but have to claim the full amount of debit/credit cards. Thus, a cash paying customer is a boon for the waiter since it gives them more buying power...less taxes. This is where my rant begins.

The first time, I was informed that they didn't have change at the restaurant. Really? How dumb are your customers to believe that load of hooey? His tip severely suffered, and I left without a word, and I won't darken that doorway again by my choice.

The second time, I was more aggressive about the situation. I called the waiter over, and asked about my change. He stated that it was a math error, so I called him out on it. He had decided to pickpocket keep the change from those of us that paid in cash. I asked why he had short changed my friend as well. He promptly left, and got my change from the bar. I'm not quite sure what I said to the waiter, but something along the lines that  I didn't appreciate being pick pocketed, and he should always round to the customers favor. He didn't want to hear my lecture...

The third time, Revolver decided to leave before I made a scene. Everyone at the table has hoping and praying that I got some coinage with my change! He might be proud to know that I handled it better. I called the waitress over and asked her whether it was because I was old school or was it customary to keep the change. She gave the lame excuse that management didn't allow them to turn in change, and that she "just looks at the number of dollars, and counts that out." I again explained to her that you should go the extra mile and earn her tip, rather than just keep my change. She proceeded to tell me that I was right while she pulled a dollar from her pocket. Her tip was about 8%..and I left her a note that she missed out on a 20% tip because of the change issue.

I'm sure that Revolver610 expected this post a long while ago. It's taken me a while to actually calm down and write this post without a lot of foul language.

I've seriously thought about having some business cards printed that read: Since you decided to keep the coins, you also decided on your tip. Always round in the customers favor, and don't pick pocket them.

President Obama has right about hope and change. I hope I get my change. Give me my damn change next time.

Your thoughts?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Doctor Update

The Doctor has been pulling up for about a month, which means he'll be an early walker like Row. The Doc is teething like crazy, and on track to have a full set of teeth by his first birthday. The daycare workers have decided that the Doctor is a mash-up between both his brothers. No DNA test needed to determine that they are mine.

He is starting on solid foods, which gives me a sign of relief. We've been stockpiling food and formula for a while. We are buying extra every payday.

If for some reason there was an extended national emergency, we would probably lose a substantial chunk of the baby population. On my wilderness ramblings, I ran across quite a few graveyards, and I was always a little sad to see so many infant graves. A good reason to prepare....

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Tuesday, March 17, 2015