Friday, July 29, 2016

Would You Rather...

First, my lack of posting has been due to little substance. I've got a few projects on standby, like the waxing cheese experiment post for JUGM (I haven't forgotten you) and a few other practical prepping preparation exercises. I've tried posted on a daily basis, but after a while I really becomes a chore. I've also thought about closing down shop after three years, but I'm not ready for that it a funk.

I'll step back into the political arena once again.

I took the day off so that I could go to the Cabot water park with my boys summer program, and while we were waiting I was introduced to the "would you rather..."game. Basically you offer two unpleasant choices, and you have to pick one. So, I'm surrounded by a small group of second through fifth graders and it's my turn. They say that the average reading level is on a fifth grade level, and the TV show are you smarter than a fifth grader was pretty popular, so I had my question in mind. "Would you rather have Donald Trump for President or Hillary Clinton". Hillary got the most votes, ergo I'm declaring Crooked Hillary the next POTUS. I'll be voting for Trump, which baffles my wife. Two facts: Protecting my Second Amendment rights and I believe that Donald Trump have the better intentions for America.No matter who wins, there will be protesting...

I'm still saddened that this is the best two candidates that our country has to offer.

If this is the case, then America deserves to collapse. Keep Right On Prepping - K

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The REAL state of the Economy

After a post for The Small Hold, I decided to conduct an experiment about the real state of the economy. You see, in Arkansas when you buy a new car, or a car over $5000, you have to pay the 8.5% sales tax within thirty days to get your license plate. On my commutes, I kept a log of all the cars that had the paper temporary plates, and made a note whether it was within the thirty day range or expired.

Here is the data set:

May 17 - bad 5-7
May 18 - good 6-5
May 19 - good 6-9 : bad 5-9
May 20 - good 5-31 : bad 10-15,5-3,4-23
May 21 - none
May 22 - none
May 23 - bad 4-3, 3-27
May 24 - good 6-1
May 25 - good 5-25
May 26 - bad 3-23
May 27 - none
May 28 - good 6-9
May 29 - good 6-22 : bad 5-12, 5-23
May 30 - none
May 31 - bad 5-30
June 1 - good 6-6
June 2 - good 6-17, 6-22 : bad 6-1
June 3 - good 6-23,6-26 : bad 4-24
June 4 - good 6-23,6-24
June 5 - none
June 6 - good 7-5
June 7 - good 7-7 : bad 7-5,5-23
June 8 - good 6-25 : bad no tag
June 9 - good 6-24 : bad no tag
June 10-June 13 vacation
June 14 - good 6-16,6-24 : bad 5-12
June 15 - good 6-17 : bad no tag,5-23
June 16 - good 7-29
June 17 - good 6-19
June 18 - good 7-8,7-8,7-4 : bad 5-16, no tag
June 19 - none
June 20 - bad 11-30,6-20
June 21 - good 7-1,7-6 : bad 4-24
June 22 - good 7-1
June 23 - none
June 24 - good 7-20, 6-24 : bad 3-17

Totals: good tags= 31 (54.3%) bad tags = 26 (45.6%)

The data will be skewed towards the bad tags since more people will replace the temporary tags with the permanent license plate, which I'm guessing would look like a U-shaped graph (time on x-axis and all new tags on y-axis).

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Enjoying Life AND Prepping

I've tried to post on a regular basis but my motivation and busy schedule seem to get in the way. We are enjoying our home, and still preparing for the next power outage or job loss. Sweetheart and I have been trying to live in the moment more, which means enjoying life but still being responsible. We recently took a trip to Pigeon Forge in Tennessee with the boys (and extended family) for a mini vacation. Dollywood was expensive but the boys had a good time. Now the cousins, they had a blast and lasted the whole day! My boys were spent after lunch, and wanting to go home. I told Red Ant, our seven year old, that we needed to get our monies worth, so we needed to walk around the park three more times, and ride all the rides once more. "Really?!", was his response. We left a few hours later.

We are also planning a week long vacation to Destin, Florida. We try to take the kids somewhere every year to expand their horizons. I got to travel as an Air Force brat, and enjoyed the new locations growing up, but it sure is nice to grow some roots in one location. I guess the vacations cure the bouts of wanderlust.

I've decided to start or improve, I'm not sure which, on my carpentry skills. For example: On Father's Day I had an old cabinet that my Dad built while he was in High School. It was being used for storing school supplies that I picked up on sales over the years. Typically, the penny sales for pencils, paper, binders, and such...

I built a frame using 2x4's for the chest to sit into since, I didn't want to alter the original, but wanted the added functionality of being able to roll it around the garage.

I bought 4 swivel casters at Harbor Freight for $20 or so...

Made sure I had enough room so that the wheels wouldn't stick out so the 4" wheels were set back 2" from the inside of 2x4.

The cabinet fit snugly into the frame, and the bottom drawer has enough clearance to be pulled out. Honestly, it's something that I hadn't thought about, but it worked out very well. I'll know for any future designs to account for this.

I will replace the pulls in the future. I got to use a few screws from my Grandfather's collection, so I've got a tri-generational rolling tool cabinet.

Also the truck had a brake light out and the local oil and lube shop wanted $26 dollars to replace it. No thanks, I can fix it myself. $6.50 and 10 minutes, it's fixed and I have a spare bulb.

Keep on Right On Prepping - K
(and learning)

JUGM- I've got the cheese and going to be waxing them soon.
PP- I've been collecting information for a post you might like...

Friday, June 17, 2016

Random Thoughts

While these generally get me in trouble, I'll still post them here anyways...

  • Instead of banning AR-15's, why don't we just ban latent homosexuals from buying them?
  • Kia drivers are the worst. I hope their insurance premiums counteract the monthly car note.
  • MRI + Overweight = claustrophobic (statistically speaking).
  • I'm not a doctor, but I know why your ankle hurts (375 pound patient, spoken internally).
  • I'm convinced that the medical field is battling Darwinism.
  • Just because we offer free drinks and snacks doesn't mean that you get to stuff your purse with them.
  • If you need a good doctor, ask a friend that works in the medical field.
  • A good attitude and being nice will get you more special treatment than being an A$$hole.
  • It's easy to do a good job and be pleasant when you enjoy your work.
  • If you are an hour late for your appointment, don't expect to get seen in front of all the other people that can tell time.
  • When you go for an MRI, wear comfortable clothing that doesn't have metal (Sports bra). 
  • I don't know of too many professions where I can ask women to take off their bras, and them not get offended.
  • I like my job: I play with magnets and get to read comic books.
  • If someone is a vegan and does crossfit...what do they tell you first?
  • Whenever you sign your name on medical papers, you are shifting the liability to yourself.
  • The story of Cinderella would have been a lot shorter if she had just gotten naked before midnight.
  • Why don't Jedis use the force to turn off the other person's lightsabers?
  • I'd love to have a mini EMP weapon attached to my truck, so that I can disable the self important a-hole's car that just cut me off.
  • Why is it that no one in zombie flicks call them zombies or has ever heard about zombies?
  • If three people having sex is called a threesome. I guess you can call me handsome!?

Keep Right On Prepping - K