Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mid Week Update

To all three four six of my loyal followers,

It has been a busy week. Row, my first grader, started Cub scouts this week. Scouting was the only group activity that  I really wanted to push on my sons. I like the values and activities, and this is the last place that I'm aware of that he will be saying the Pledge of Allegiance. This is really a sad commentary on America. I remember having to place my hand over my heart every school morning as a kid. I guess I'm showing my age.

We went to the local scout shop, and got nearly all of the gear that Row needs. Red Ant had to have a cub scout shirt and belt too. I don't mind, he's gonna be a scout too. I figure that it will be cheaper to buy it now, rather than later. I was disappointed to see that all the patches and clothing that we touched were not made in the USA. I think that this is fundamentally wrong, and would be willing to pay more for an American label.

School has been keeping me busy. I have three different tests on Friday: Radiographic Anatomy, Lab Procedures, and Basic Patient Care. Thankfully, this will be the last time that I have three tests scheduled on a Friday. Physics of Radioactive Isotopes in quite hard, and this test is on Wednesday. I'll be ready for a beer when I'm done. I am taking 15 hours this semester, and the  'A's  start at 93%. I have one A and the rest are B's, to varying degrees, and am really struggling with this reality. I really hate it when I'm chasing an 'A'.

The world has gotten a lot crazier, but I won't post about it, you can read the news yourself. I posted this on Small Holding blog site and could make an entire post about it. "I don't know how much more duct tape and baling wire this world can take without it falling apart. Keep Right On prepping, it's gonna get rough."

Congrats to my cousin for their new baby girl. Another female for the compound! A.T. probably already has the baby doing pushups.

Matt - Good Luck!!!

Keep Right On Prepping, Take Care, and Phone a Friend.




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    1. The blogs won't be the same...lurk around every once in a while, and my clan wishes you the very best. Keep prepping!

  2. K,
    Glad to see another young Scout! Some of the best parts of my childhood revolved around Scouting. It makes for a good solid foundation. Thanks for supporting the organization.

    1. Daddy wants to go to some of the cool "scouts only" areas around the nation. Plus, this will get them some outdoor skills, bonding time, and a lot of fun!!!

  3. Go Scouts. Ya the lack of made in the USA is depressing. On the plus side I believe we are past the low point even if some peoples perspective will think it is getting worse. Those are the problem ones from our view it starts getting better I hope.

    That didn't make sense but I hope you got my meaning.

    1. I understand, but fear it hasn't hit "the" bottom yet.

  4. I remember when my kids were in Scouts...It seems like a hundred years ago.
    Two of them now have kids of their own. Grandson was in kindergarten last year and they were taught the pledge of allegiance. I was surprised. Now that he is in first grade I will have to ask him if they are still saying it.

    I went to Matt's blog to tell him goodbye but he had already deleted all the post so Matt if you read this...Come back soon...You don't have to write about the condition our condition is in!

    We are trying to complete a project each week. Today we started on the winter garden.

    1. First grade- he can do cub scouts. Matt will be missed by quite a few people. I think that Saturday/Sunday will be getting the garden area ready for the fall. Fresh greens will be nice.

  5. Row is soo cute in his scouts outfit! My daughter was a girl scout until 5th grade, it wasn't cool after that, in my opinion it's the best extra curricular activity a child can do! Good luck on your tests and congrats on your new nephew!!!

  6. Too cute! Glad to hear about the pledge. I hope the Scouts still teach some other manly skills as well. Goodness knows we can use all of that we can get! Thanks for supporting his participation and raising some All-American boys to help guide their generation.

    You need to brush up on your math there, big guy. I count 6 of us loyal followers!