Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Nerd in Me and Ammo Trends

I like to nerd out, and research topics that interest me. So, I present to you a new tool for your research bag. Google trends.

One of my newer posts has had a steady hit, and climbed into the top ten most popular posts. The Ammunition Availability Poll 2013 has had about 14 to 20 hits per day. Plug in "ammo", which was a more popular search request than "ammunition", and you get this graph.

You can zoom into a closer time frame, here is the same graph over 12 months.

Be sure to set the regional interest to the United States for a state by state guide.

.223 graph - Look at that spike and the American Redoubt.

The 2nd Amendment? Wyoming wins first prize in the search index while Hawaii is last. California near the bottom too.

The graph shows the last ammo shortage of 2009, and compares them based on search engine key words.

Draw your own conclusions. Insert different search words and see what you find.

You can also overlay 5 different key words to the graph to make your own relationships between them.

The forecast option on the graph is also quite interesting. But I'd like to know more about how they forecast these trends. I'm sure it is an algorithm, patented of course.


Keep Right On Prepping - K

For my Blogging Friends - Ammunition Depot still has some good deals. No .223/5.56 but some other ammo I haven't seen available elsewhere. 9mm,.45,.40, and

Wolf 7.62mm x 39mm 123 Grain FMJ WOLF76239 Ammunition - a - 20 Round Box
Wolf 7.62mm x 39mm 123 Grain FMJ WOLF76239 Ammunition - a - 20 Round Box
Price / Box: $9.97


  1. I was at a cabellas in St. Louis today and they had more 7.62x39 steel cased ammo than I have ever seen in one place. Some brand I had never heard of but it was like I wanna say 7.99 a box of 20? Somewhere in that range.

    They also had the largest pile of 7.62 nagant pistol rounds I have ever seen anywhere in one place and piles and piles of 12 ga. buckshot in little 5 round boxes for 3.99 each.

    I saw a bit of 10mm and some odds and ends in other calibers and such. Oh ya a buttload of 7.62x54 as well brass cased.

    Not a spec of 5.56 I could find or .45acp 9mm etc. The main Western calibers.

    1. Ammunition Depot has both .45 and 9mm, well when I looked last time anyways. Also had a AK-47 30 round mag at $20 too. That surprised me.

  2. Just heard on the radio this morning that Wal-Mart is limiting ammo purchases to 3 cases per person per day due to their difficulties in providing enough supply to keep up with demand.

    1. Sounds about right, hopefully prices will drop in the coming months too!