Monday, July 1, 2013

Big Brother In Your Pocket

Okay, everyone informed people know that the government (NSA) is recording your calls and collecting a lot of information about it's citizens.  It is safe to assume that anything ever Googled, clicked on, emailed, or looked at on the internet is also being recorded and archived. Credit card purchases too.

German Green party politician Malte Spitz, who is against internet censorship, sued to have his information released by Deutsche Telekom . His phone acted as a location device for his movements by triangulation of the cell towers. The data was made into a map with his actual movements over a course of six months. to see what your government admits to collecting and think of what they can collect.

Keep Right On Prepping and think OPSEC - K


  1. Technology has its advantages, but also its disadvantages. Kind of makes you want to switch to radio since it is becoming a dying communications tool.

    1. If you are against a high tech enemy, go low tech or disable their technological advantage (EMP).

  2. It kinda makes ya wonder that's for sure.