Sunday, September 22, 2013

Range Day

After a quick search of Google maps of the area that we usually go shooting, I found a new spot to shoot. We took the boys out for some gun safety training, and trigger time. The Four Gun Safety Rules ( refresher by e.IA.ft. ) were drilled into the boys even before touching a rifle.

We also have the golden rule at our house: They can touch a gun whenever they want, all they have to do is ask Mommy or Daddy. The guns are off limits without an adult. If they find a gun without an adult present they are to leave it alone, and immediately tell an adult.

BB, pellets, and 22 shorts for both of them. Red Ant with Spikes wanted to shoot Mommy's little gun (Ruger LCP), and he did once. He didn't care for the long trigger pull.

Sweetheart got some much needed trigger time behind the SR556E and enjoyed it.

The camera was a tad too slow, but you can see the dust-up from the hit.

The motley collection of guns for the range day. We finished the day running 9mm pistol drills.

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. You having any issues with your SR556 missfeeding? I have the occasional problem with mine but I am not sure if it is with the weapon or the poorly fitting brass catcher I use.

    1. Sweetheart had one feed onto another, but I think she didn't drop the charging handle hard enough. The SR556 has been a solid gun that I trust.

  2. I've still got the little "Crickett" .22 I started mine out on so many years ago.

    1. I actually enjoyed shooting the 22 more than the other guns!