Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I got the call today about my MRI interview, and they decided to go with someone else. I'm sure that my lack of experience was a huge factor in the decision, but she really didn't go into too much detail. While I'm a little disappointed, I know that there is something else for me to do in the world. I'm currently working on that this week. More to be discussed about this at a later time.

If my current job hunt doesn't pan out, then I'll work at McDonalds. Okay, not really, but you get the idea. I'd rather work at minimum wage than take any kind of public assistance. Heck, we probably wouldn't qualify anyways...I guess that kinda makes me an uncommon variety.

Row and Red Ant have been keeping the secret a secret. I thought Red Ant had let it slip, by saying that next Father's Day we would have four Dads in the house. That night at prayers, he referred to the baby as a "she". So, I don't have a clue. Obviously, he is either toying with us or forgotten the sex of our third child.

The projects around the house have been slowly, and steadily getting done. The limiting factor has been money to purchase materials for some of the remaining projects. Hence, the hurry up for getting a J-O-B.

My senior level classes will be beginning in August, and I've been enjoying the down time. I'm hoping that it will be a smooth transition back into student mode when my classes start back in the fall.

The rent house has been rented to a nice single mother, and she is loving our old home. We are getting the last of our utility bills this month from our old house, and it'll take a lot of stress off of our budget. We need to save at least a few grand for repairs, just in case anything happens when something breaks.

Overall, things are going well. I'm hustling for work and Sweetheart is constantly hot and sweating. Her due date is August 14th, and she made the comment that she was happy the last two were due in the winter. Red Ant and Row are enjoying the Summer Camp at their elementary school, taking some pretty cool classes, and trekking to interesting places for field trips.

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. Here's some advice from an old right wing fanatic. The days are over when it was immoral to get help from the government. When you are working, you work the first three months of the year just to pay the government. You don't start keeping your earnings for yourself til "tax freedom day" at the end of that third month.

    You are going to pay a huge amount of money to the federal government over your working life.

    I say, get every damn cent from the bastards that you can. Get some of your money back. If you can get one of those Electronic Benefit Cards, get one! Don't be foolish, and go without because of pride. You can retain your pride, because you are doing nothing more than getting back some of what was stolen from you, against your will and without your permission. If it bugs you, don't tell anyone.

    Be a survivor, K.

    1. It seems a shame to take a handout, or redistribute my taxes back, when I'm able to work and provide for my family. Call me old fashioned.

      I'll collect what is due at a later time, especially the way the government likes to give away our money.

    2. You have to do it the way you see fit.

  2. Glad to hear things are going well, K. God bless. ♥