Sunday, November 22, 2015

Food Storage & Holidays

Just a friendly reminder, in these troubled times, that this is an excellent time to stock up on prepping supplies for the family. Historically, these are the low price points for turkeys, ham, sugar, baking supplies, and some canned goods.

A turkey or two in the freezer for a January and February feast can help stretch the dinner dollar. Combine that with a spiral cut ham (x3), and you've got about half your protein needs for the winter months, as well as some excellent sandwiches to brown bag.

Look at those local ads, and catch you some bargains to stretch your food dollar.

Image result for ham turkey canned goods

Some goods prices that I've seen or stocked up on:

Spiral cut hams
Sweet potatoes (fresh and canned)
Canned pumpkin (an excellent source of vitamins)
Cranberries (canned and fresh)
Turkey (frozen)
Canned green beans
Canned Corn
Cream of [chicken, mushroom,etc...] canned soups

Keep Right On prepping - K

What did you stock up on this week?


  1. Sold 220 pounds of pecans today. I wish I liked ham, but it is the best time for turkey.
    Hope you all have a Blessed Thanksgiving. Keep warm and stay safe!

    1. A turkey between 4 people can last a few days! Glad to see you posting, and doing so well selling pecans. Do you shell them yourselves, mechanically, or whole?