Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mail Campaign to stop gun control legislation

Dear bloggers-

I invite all of you to email or write a letter to your Senator and let your voice be heard about the current gun control legislation. Linking, Cutting and pasting onto your site is greatly appreciated to reach as many people as possible during this time. January 3rd is the reconvening of Congress.


Immediately cease all congressional actions to ban any current legally owned firearm.

We feel that ANY legislation against citizen firearms violates a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State that shall not be infringed. Banning any legal current firearms will substantially weaken the citizen army’s ability to defend the United States against foreign invasion, should the U.S. armed forces be unable to perform this duty. We believe that any law prohibiting any currently legal firearm puts the freedom and very survival of the United States of America at risk.

The federal government has enough paper work to currently take care of any legal issues concerning weapons. The "Grandfather Clause" and fingerprinting is just another hurdle in the gun purchasing process that is ineffective against any kind of real crime prevention. Plus, most gun owners eventually get a concealed weapons permit which already collects fingerprints and does a background check at the applicant's expense.

Let’s look at the logistical ramifications of another magazine ban. Over the ten years of the ban, we never ran out. Not even close. Magazines are cheap and basic. Most of them are pieces of sheet metal with some wire. That’s it. Magazines are considered disposable so most gun people accumulate a ton of them. All it did was make magazines more expensive, ticked off law abiding citizens, and didn’t so much as inconvenience a single criminal.

Criminals and psychopaths do not care about laws and regulations. The only people that this legislation will hurt is the law abiding voter.

Would you feel safer having a weapon to defend yourself or a new law that takes away that possibility?

As my Honorable Senator, please consider this a request to vote NO for ANY type of gun control legislation.

Sincerely -


This can be a grass roots campaign to make your voice heard. Feel free to add or edit this letter as you see fit.

Keep Right On Prepping - K

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  1. I think you ought to be worried about what they want to 'grandfather' too.
    She is wanting to fingerprint all gun owners.

    1. I hope all of this nonsense stops. I'll add a paragraph about it into the letter. Thanks, it really concerns me. I have read all about the new weapons ban proposal and it's really scary. Unfortunately, I'll be forced to do a private sale if any legislation is on the horizon, At least the guns will be in another citizens hands without government records.