Monday, April 22, 2013

MRE Monday - Lentils And Vegetables

Today's MRE was randomly selected from the shipping box.

Nutritional Information:

Serving Size: 9.0 oz.
Calories: 560
Calories from fat: 140
Total Fat: 15g or 29% DV ( Daily Value )
Cholesterol: 0mg or 0% DV
Sodium: 730mg or 30% DV
Total Carbohydrates: 91g or 30% DV
Dietary Fiber: 11g or 44% DV
Sugars: 10g
Protein: 14g
Vitamin A: 15% DV
Vitamin C: 0% DV
Calcium:  4% DV
Iron: 20%


A veggie MRE? Not what I really wanted to sample tonight, but to do a complete review of all the MREs available, I'd have to get to it sometime.


Row, the seven year old, had a less than enthusiastic response to the sample, "It's not horrible". He didn't bother with a second bite, so no star for this entree.

Red Ant With Pincers, the four year old, also didn't care for the MRE. He had to be verbally threatened to try a sample, well ok...he was told that he had try a small bite. He did, and proclaimed that " I don't like the flavor". We pressed him for more info about what he didn't like, and he said that it tasted like beef. He also didn't finish his small bowl either, so it didn't earn his recommendation either.

MIL, really liked the sample, and commented on the BBQy taste and that she "loved it". "The texture is great and the flavor too. The lentils aren't overwhelming, like they can be".

Sweetheart, immediately like it too. She thought very highly of it, and thought it would be a great MRE in a crisis situation. MIL chimed in that it would be great for lunch! Sweetheart said that she would definitely eat it again.

My first taste did remind me of BBQ, and further chewing narrowed it down to BBQ baked beans. I was pleasantly surprised by the blend of lentils, potatoes, and almost translucent onion slivers. I would heavily consider this as an excellent side dish for the caloric density and slight sweet BBQ flavor. The texture was spot on with the lentils and bits of potatoes.

Final Thoughts:

This MRE is a HDR, which stands for Humanitarian Daily Ration. The higher than average calories from this MRE would make it an excellent backpacking meal, or accompaniment. This MRE makes it onto our A-list for reorders because of the taste AND calories.

Stars: * * (2)


  1. And it would be good if you had a vegan refugee or three to feed as well.

    1. Correct. PP, you're a big promoter of lentils for long term storage aren't you?