Saturday, April 6, 2013

Weekend Plans

My big plans this weekend? Buying a new lawnmower because I killed the last one with a BIG rock. Yeah, it bent the blade shaft and destroyed the drive belt system. Cheaper to replace this round. I'll also be cleaning up the garden and checking the asparagus that we planted last year for sprouts. The strawberries will need to be transplanted to a better location too. It's still too early to plant some seeds, but I can start dreaming.

The grocery store has to be visited and a trip to the community college. It seems that someone [me] has kept their email active at the community college to destroy small forests print handouts for another college. After 2 and half years, I'm finally getting a return on my investment from my activity fees.

Oh course, inside stuff has to be done. Cleaning and laundry and such....

Take Care and Keep Prepping For The Future - K


  1. Replies
    1. About four hours of fun was enough for me today. Tomorrow we go back to Lowe's and get mulch and other garden goodies. The garden is cleaned and ready for this year's mini-crops.