Monday, May 9, 2016

The Weekend In Review

Earlier this week, we had a small water leak fixed from the meter to the house, which means that we spent over a house payment. It's fixed, and we had the money and Sweetheart got a project scratched off her list. She wanted to pull all shrubs from the side of the house, move trashcans to the side, and tear out the broken brick flower bed. We spent the weekend raking, pulling, mining, salvaging, and replanting the side of the house. This is the finished project with Bermuda seed thrown out for a lush lawn (hopefully!).

Water also drains across the driveway, so I trenched along the driveway and created about an inch gap between the concrete and the soil, with the idea that the water will seep into the "moat" and leave an area where I can not step into a muddy puddle to get into the car. I was ecstatic that I discovered an overgrown french drain that is still in working condition. The previous owner had allowed the grass and dirt to clog the drain, ergo the discovery!

Sweetheart also got treated to sleeping in, and breakfast in bed. Red Ant lead the procession with the orange juice and the wake up greeting, followed by Row with the food, and The Doctor with his snack pack of Pringles (to be eaten in bed with crumbs everywhere!), and by myself with the all important coffee. After the wake up, we left her to enjoy the breakfast in solitude.

Stock those Beans,Bullets, and Band-Aids and Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. Nice!!! Finding a drain and fixing a leak. Can't beat that witha stick.