Monday, February 11, 2013

MRE Monday - Oatmeal Cookie

 Nutritional Information:

Serving Size: 1 cookie (57g)
Calories: 280
Calories from fat: 140
Total Fat: 15g or 23% DV
Cholesterol: 15mg or 5% DV
Sodium: 125mg or 5% DV
Total Carbohydrates: 34g or 11% DV
Dietary Fiber: 1g or 4% DV
Sugars: 18g
Protein: 3g
Vitamin A: 0% DV
Vitamin C: 0% DV
Calcium:  2% DV
Iron: 8%


The cookies have been on the dry side and I haven't been too keen on them as a dessert option.


Row took a small bite but didn't want a second one. He said that he didn't like it, and really didn't come up with his own reason. We'll get to this later...

Ant, the four year old, on the other hand was excited by the word "cookie". While his mouth was still full, he said, " I like it!!!".

Mother-in-law thought that by looking at the layering of the cookie, she know she would like it. After a bite she loved it. I should have taken a picture of the layering, but the cookie didn't survive that long. MIL also mentioned that the taste was "Nice and crispy while still being light". She would also buy this cookie over national brands...she thought it was that good.

Sweetheart, picked up on the strong spice flavor that Row didn't like as Allspice. She liked it and mentioned that the texture was excellent too. Her thoughts were that it was Crispy crunchy without being a tooth breaker. She thought that it would make an excellent field topping for an apple cobbler.

Okay, I was surprised by the excellent texture. The oatmeal flakes are not an overwhelming texture like some homemade cookies, which I thought was a nice touch. The cookie also had no rasins for those were wondering. This was probably one of the best cookies that we have tried to date. The cookie had a light oatmeal flavor towards the end which was also nice. The cookie almost seemed to melt in the mouth too. All in all, I was very happy.

Final Thoughts:

The cookie is a little on the high side ($1.25) for an everyday item, but seriously...who eats MREs everyday. This would make a good addition to any dessert menu in a SHTF scenario. The cookies are quite large and have an excellent taste. They will be moving onto our A-list for oredering.

Stars: * * * (3)

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