Saturday, February 9, 2013

Theory Based Scenario #1

The debate about global warming has been an on going one, and I am of the mind that humans have greatly impacted our environment. Let's get real here, the Earth is a closed system. Seven point seven billion people is a huge number (7,700,000,000) and we are a having an impact on Mother Earth.

I'm not of the hippie mindset, even though in my youth, I looked up to their idealistic folly, but that is another post for another day.

(I deleted a reference to Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth and his forecasts) Well, the trouble with projections is that the future can't be predicted. The probability can be calculated, but not predicted. I digress, the global warming is happening and the weather is becoming more extreme. This year - hottest year on record, record number of new record high temperatures, once in a century hurricane in New England (Sandy), North Easter Nemo is dumping record amounts of snow, etc... I need to go back and watch the movie again, but somewhere in the movie he talks about the global warming will result in an increase in weather extremes. This is what I believe that we are seeing.

What happens when the agriculture starts to really fail? Last year's drought will continue if things don't change. When food prices rise past most people's ability to put food on the table for their kids, society will break down.

Perhaps this is the reason for the billion dollar food stores purchase by the government from Mountain House last year. Why do all the alphabet agencies need  nearly 2 billion rounds of forty caliber hollow point bullets? DHS has bought 1.6 billion in the last 10 months. (links one two three )

Looks like the government is preparing for a storm - shouldn't you? Or do you think that the government would tell you the truth?

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. I'm of two (or more) minds about Global Warmening. On the one hand, we are indisputable exerting more influence on our surroundings than any other animal is or has, ever. Thats a non-zero number. Where I disagree is in the type and severity- all the alarum, yet the people most advising panic are hiding behind bad math, and even then we are looking at minute degrees (sea levels measured in inches or less, and temps being 1-2 degrees warmer over decades. In my younger years, the ozone layer was going to collapse, and just before that, acid rain. I have been told that during the 70s, global COOLING was going to kill us all. I far more concerned about mismanagement (look at te SanFran/San Juaquiim Valley fight), pollution, waste stream, and resource shortage than catastrophic warming. Those have a much more reliable track record of killing cultures.

  2. All are good points. I'll have to dig deeper for more factual evidence, but I think that agricultural collapse has led to the downfall of more civilizations than anything else. Anasazi. Mayans were on that decline because of drought, over carrying capacity of the lands before the Spanish conquest. The Irish potato famine, but their level of civilization is still questioned (kidding). Easter Island. North Korea would be included without outside help and food aid. The majority of the African continent is living in a collapsing agricultural system.

    The recent development of fertilizers, genetic modification of food crops, and moving large amounts of water have greatly increased our modern production capabilities. A series of unfortunate events could derail our whole system.

    The alarmist hiding behind the bad math are usually the ones that have something for sale too!

    As always, I appreciate the dialogue.

  3. Easy on the Irish, my wife and I are majority Irish Catholic descent, and I grew up on, you guessed it, a potato farm :-).

    1. So am I, I can trace my ancestry to about 1650 Scotland. Which no doubt is intermingled with Irish ancestry too, and another clue is some of the red in my beard (it has turned gray since).

  4. Here's my problem with global warming theory.

    To begin with we owe the entire world civilization to global warming. A warm spell I might add that was higher and saw greater ice melt than we have today. It allowed the Europeans enough surplus to greatly expand and grow.

    Also as late as 1906 the Northwest passage was completely opened and navigable after the route was finally found anyway. It then closed for over 100 years but before then had been open off and on for centuries. The Inuits knew it and the land explorers saw it opened but the ships never had enough time to actually find the route before the Winter freeze.

    We are not going through a warming period any more extreme than can be documented in History.

    Now even if we are causing it somewhat. Well it is a self correcting problem and nothing we can do about it anyway. Coming flat up against nature maynot be such a bad thing for some of these groups calling the shots today.

    1. This ties in with my concerns to a degree. Within the span of history, water levels have risen and fallen, temps have come and gone. Human settlements have been abandoned to ice and reclaimed. However, I have seen blight visited on the land- much more destructive than some nebulous degree of warming. That doesnt stop the .gov from capitalizing, nor does it ease my concern about those billions of rounds of ammo mentioned above. Manmade or not, interruption of the domestic food supply would open one heck of a can of worms, and the federal agencies seem to be preparing for the very things they discourage us from preparing for.