Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Final Exams Break

I had a monster test in Radiographic Procedures III today that was about 1/3 fill in the blanks. Thankfully, we do NOT have a comprehensive final in this class, but I've earned my first C this semester. UPDATE: I scored 83.2% and the lowest B is 84%. Missed a B by 4 correct test answers.

I'm also on track to earn another C in Physics of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. I generally have no idea how I've managed to pass the last two tests, except for a lot of time studying. I'll read a paragraph and think, "I have no idea what I just read." I compare it to trying to explain the picture below in Chinese mathematics...

I'll need 95% (or higher) on my final for Special Imaging Procedures to get an A, or 55%-95% for a B.
I'll need 85% (or higher) on my final for Radiation Protection to get an A, or 40%-85% for a B.
I've earned an A in clinicals with a whopping 16 comps this semester, and this is a 5 hour class.

All in all, I'm a little disappointed in not making A's and B's with 16 hours this semester, but I'll have next semester to try again. Anyways, I'll be checking my blogrolls while I hunker down and study these next few days.

See everyone the second week of December and Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. That sounds like a lot of work. Will you ever actually use any of it in your profession or is it just B.S. to keep the number of licensees down, like making people learn morse code used to be for HAM radio?

    1. The Physics of MRI is pretty much BS, but the other classes are for everyone's protection. Procedures is positioning and structures shown in the x-ray - very much needed. Radiation Protection is useful for patient and tech. Special imaging is really just a taste of some special procedures that aren't performed very often, kinda like learning how to sandblast a car for it's regular maintenance. It's nice to know if you ever have to do it.

  2. Hang in there, it will be over one day and you will feel sooooo much better.

    1. I've been described as tenacious. I'm counting the days until May graduation!