Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sweet Child O' Mine

Nope, the title doesn't mean that this is about Guns-N-Roses, but rather my oldest son. I picked up my parents at the airport last night, and remember a story about Row and his best friend in the whole world. Dalton and Row have been friends for along time, almost their entire lives, went to the same daycare and now elementary school.

Row and I went grocery shopping about a week ago, and as a thank you, he was able to pick out a candy bar for his help and good behavior. He chose a Kit Kat.

The Kit Kat went into the next day's sack lunch. His School Age Summer Program was going to a local water park. When he got home that same evening, our conversation went like this:

K: How was the water park?
Row: Good.
K: Did you eat all of your lunch?
Row: Yep, ate it all.
K: Did you share your beef jerky or candy?
Row: Dalton and I split the candy bar, and I won!
K: What do you mean?
Row: I got the small piece (smiles).
K: So how is that winning? (puzzled look)
Row: You know. Like Thanksgiving with the bone.
K: You sure did win.

I love my sweet child of mine. The world needs more Rows.



  1. Heh. Nice way of looking at things :)

    1. I learn as much from my kids as they do from me.

  2. Definitely need a world full of Rows.
    Have a great weekend!