Saturday, June 15, 2013

Yearly Low, A Visual Example Of Saving Money

At our household, we watch the prices at the grocery store and jump on the lowest prices of the year for our favorites. The picture below shows 67 packages of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese shaped pasta which at full retail would cost us $99.83. The discounted cost is $32.83.

Sixty-seven boxes

We watch for the cyclical low price and purchase and entire year's worth of it. The picture below shows that we saved 67% off retail. This is the advantage of buying in bulk, having a pantry, and keeping a log book of grocery store prices. One of my first articles dealt with grocery store strategies which can be found here.

To give you another idea, once prepared (with milk and butter) it will provide 38,860 calories or enough to sustain one person for 19.43 days at 2000 calories/day. 32.38 days if you are on a ration diet of 1200 calories/day.

Keep Right On Prepping - K

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