Sunday, June 9, 2013


This weekend was made for playing catchup. The summer clinicals of Monday through Friday have left me with little time to study and take care of chores. I really hate being behind the curve.

The back yard was finally mowed yesterday after a two week growth spurt. It's in good enough shape to let the  boys out into the back yard without worry of them getting lost in a jungle.

I also had the grandiose idea that I would be able to do an hour of homework every night after clinicals, but that didn't quite work out either. This weekend has been spent doing quizzes and the study guide for my first module test in Advanced Patient Care.

J and I are the only people in our class taking this third year class, and I dropped the ball on getting my portion of the test guide done on Friday. We are trying to knock out the course in about a month instead of the eight week summer semester.

The good news on taking this class is that the final exam can be substituted for passing the ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) examination. The ACLS is a must have for Interventional Radiology and Heart Cath jobs, which are some of the higher paying ones. We are going to take the class, at $235.00, and not worry about the final. Plus, it gives us an edge when applying for jobs over the other people in our class.

We've started working on our end game on employment against our classmates. The job market is tight here.

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon and keep right on prepping - K


  1. Good luck with your classes. I have a friend who works in the cardiac section of one of our hospitals and she loves it. My brother is a Nurse Anesthetics..he travels where ever he can get a cogreat and who pays the most

    1. If I was a much younger man, and without family, I would be all over the traveling radiographer gigs! I'm now looking for decent hours within a small drive time to work. Relocation will be happening before to many more years slip by.