Wednesday, June 24, 2015

List Shrinkage

The list is getting shorter, and I finally have  a company to do the flooring for the house. I'll put the house on the market with a flooring allowance until the floor gets refinished. If the buyer decides to install carpet the company has agreed to refund the money, so I get the house on the market and the floors redone. I have a ton of work to still get done before the first of July...(head down and keeps running)...It'll get there.

The two biggest and pressing projects are the stairs and the kitchen being repainted, along with the other items on the list.

The List:
  • Spray 10% bleach solution on roof moss to kill it. (2nd of 3 applications)
  • Remove refrigerator
  • Remove tile by carport entrance, level floor, and install bamboo floooring. (quarter round left)
  • 3 2 new kitchen blinds
  • 1 new blind in master bathroom
  • Install flooring in laundry room.
  • Paint outside trim around doors that were installed a year ago.
  • Pressure wash house, sidewalks, and carport.
  • Restore hardwoods. (under contract!!!)
  • Paint the doors in the hallway.
  • Replace dryer vent under house. (trenched)
  • Install quarter round on stairs and paint.
  • Make the under the sink in the main bathroom more attractive (hide water damage).
  • Clean under carport
  • Quarter round along some walls to cover hardwood flooring gaps. ( LR, hallway, master bedroom )
  • Clear house of items. 
  • Detail window sills listed below:
  1. 3 2 windows in kitchen
  2. 2 in Row old room
  3. 1 in Red Ant old room
  4. downstairs area
  5. back bedroom
  • Repaint Kitchen
  • Cut two small trees down in backyard.
Keep Right On Prepping - K

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