Thursday, June 11, 2015


I had the concrete stainer cancel our Monday appointment due to a forgotten walk through on a completed project. He promised to call, and hasn't. The hardwood restoration person was also supposed to be by for a Monday morning bid, but she also had to cancel due to an ER emergency. She rescheduled for today, and didn't show up and also didn't call.  I texted her and also left a voice mail around 10:30 am,and she promptly texted back at 3:30 that she "has a lot going on". Normally, I would have written the company off, but I rescheduled another bid to take place on Wednesday. I guess the economy is really good since I can't get any contractors out to the house for a bid...

I do have a rather solid hardwood flooring person coming out Tuesday to put in his bid. He comes highly recommended. The List has a few items knocked off of it, but it has been mostly repositioning items for this weekends work. It looks like it will be mostly inside painting, with maybe a few outside jobs before the heat and humidity kicks it into high gear.

 The List:

  • Spray 10% bleach solution on roof moss to kill it. (1st of 3 applications)
  • Clean the gutters, check the nails, and flush spouts.
  • Clean the flower beds ( 2 of 3 cleaned)
  • Mulch (2 of 3 )
  • Remove refrigerator
  • Remove tile by carport entrance, level floor, and relay something?
  • Buy shower curtain and put it up in bathroom
  • 3 new kitchen blinds
  • 1 blind in bathroom
  • 2 new master bedroom blinds
  • Paint the hallway a neutral color
  • Remove flooring in laundry room to concrete and stain same color as office area &
  • Stain concrete. (rethinking another type of flooring since contractor troubles)
  • Paint outside trim around doors that were installed a year ago.
  • Pressure wash house, sidewalks, and carport.
  • Major clean up of back yard (garden area, fence line, mow, and leaves)
  • Repaint the ceiling lines in living room better (NOT FREEHAND STYLE).
  • Restore hardwoods.
  • Paint two closets in downstairs back bedroom.
  • Float, sand, and paint two walls (kitchen and downstairs bathroom).
  • Paint the doors in the hallway.
  • Replace dryer vent under house. (trenched)
  • Change locks (keys not returned).
  • Paint, trim, and lay runner on stairwell (make it nicer).
  • Put new doorbell on front door area
  • Paint color samples on the walls.
  • Make the under the sink in the main bathroom more attractive (hide water damage).
  • Clean under carport
  • Quarter round along some walls to cover hardwood flooring gaps
  • Clear house of items. 
Added items:
  • Paint ceiling in main bathroom
  • Detail window sills
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  1. We have the same problem down here. People say they'll come out to do a job, then never show and never call. We're waiting on someone right now.
    Take care. I guess everything happens when it's supposed to. Have a blessed weekend!