Sunday, June 7, 2015

The List Shrinks and Grows

I didn't get as much done today as yesterday, primarily due to the soreness of my muscles, but I did get a ton of stuff done the first day. The backyard was mowed and a third of the yard cleaned of twigs and leaves. Roundup was applied along the fence line, but we'll see what survives....

The concrete contractor had to reschedule for sometime next week. He forgot about a walk through on a completed project.

This will be the last time I use my handyman. Whenever I advance him some cash for work, he never shows up like he promised. Plus, my mother-in-law fronted him the $120 cash for some wooden shutters almost three months ago, and he still hasn't installed them nor contacted her about them. He was supposed to work on the staircase on Wednesday, but didn't show up or call. He texted that he was going to show up Friday to start some projects around the house, but since I hadn't left the key hidden outside since Wednesday, it was too much to drive ten minutes to collect the key from my wife. He headed to Texas for the weekend to surprise his Dad. Finally, today he called and said he would be over at the house on Monday. I'm sure that he'll show up this time because he needs another advance. We are going to pay as the work is completed.

Sweetheart did an awesome job on the first two flower beds.

The real estate agent suggested a rather low starting price point. I'll spare everyone the details, but it was about $10K too low in my opinion, especially when Zillow appraises it about $6K higher than his suggested starting price point. My first thought was that he was looking to make a quick turn around for the commission.

 The List:

  • Clean the twigs and acorns off the roof
  • Spray 10% bleach solution on roof moss to kill it. (1st of 3 applications)
  • Clean the gutters, check the nails, and flush spouts.
  • Mow the front yard and trim edges
  • Clean the flower beds ( 2 of 3 cleaned)
  • Mulch (2 of 3 )
  • Remove refrigerator
  • Remove tile by carport entrance, level floor, and relay something?
  • Buy shower curtain and put it up in bathroom
  • 3 new kitchen blinds
  • 1 blind in bathroom
  • 2 new master bedroom blinds
  • Paint the hallway a neutral color
  • Remove carpet, padding, tacking, and staples in hardwoods upstairs for restoration
  • Remove flooring in laundry room to concrete and stain same color as office area
  • Paint outside trim around doors that were installed a year ago.
  • Pressure wash house, sidewalks, and carport.
  • Major clean up of back yard (garden area, fence line, mow, and leaves)
  • Repaint the ceiling lines in living room better (NOT FREEHAND STYLE).
  • Clean and wash balcony.
  • Stain concrete.
  • Restore hardwoods.
  • Paint two closets in downstairs back bedroom.
  • Float, sand, and paint two walls (kitchen and downstairs bathroom).
  • Paint the doors in the hallway.
  • Replace dryer vent under house.
  • Change locks (keys not returned).
  • Fix carport door.
  • Replace hinges on screen doors.
  • Paint, trim, and lay runner on stairwell (make it nicer).
  • Lag bolt on carport railing.
  • Plant summer flowers in flower beds
  • Put new doorbell on front door area
  • Paint color samples on the walls.
  • Make the under the sink in the main bathroom more attractive (hide water damage).
  • Annual sump pump.
  • Clean under carport
  • Quarter round along some walls to cover hardwood flooring gaps
Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. We try to be busy, but we have to work around 90 degree temperatures with high humidity.
    If that guy has never done the work for your mother-in-law, I would not give him money for anything.
    So sorry to hear you're having problems like that.

    Have a great week all!

    1. The Mother-in-law fiasco came to light after I had parted with my cash. Tonight I told my Mother-in-law that her shutters would be on her house very soon.

  2. I think your instinct re: the realtor is correct. Also, if it's already 10k too low, you'll get offers 10 to 15 % lower. Were there comps? Maybe time to shop around for another realtor. We had that happen to us when we left TX. First realtor said $X, final realtor was about 20 % higher. Ended up selling for about 15% more than first realtors price within 60 days of listing.....