Sunday, January 3, 2016

Fixing A Hole

Today was a nice cool day to get some repair work done around the house. Our master bathroom had developed a leak and dripping through the ceiling sheetrock. I'll eventually get to doing the inside repair work, but I'll wait until the next round of steady rain to make sure that the leak has been fixed.

Once I know that the leak has been fixed, I'll move to scrapping the ceiling popcorn, and reapplying a new coat. Which means I'll need to paint the ceiling, and remove the old wall paper. Since I'm already removing old wallpaper, I'm sure that the wife would love a new color in our bathroom. It's just a few more dollars and another hour or two to add some new pulls on the cabinets, then some new towel holders.

This is a typical example of how a small repair blossoms into a minor bathroom remodel. We gotta make this house more marketable for the next buyer while increasing our enjoyment and raising the equity in this house with a little sweat.

A BIG "Thank You" for the generous donation that we got yesterday. You know who you are...

I'm checking into perhaps buying some more silver American Eagles since spot price is below $14.00. I'll see if they can take PayPal.

Keep Right On Prepping - K

PS- I have indeed ordered 7 more silver American Eagles. These will go into the direct transfer of wealth fund for the kids. The silver will pass into the hands of our kids without the government's taxes upon our death or whim.

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