Monday, January 4, 2016

The Small Things

Occasionally I'll turn the music off at work, and put all distractions aside, and let my mind wander during the MRI scans.  Today was such a day, and I was thinking about the magnify glass that Santa brought me. It allows my old eyes to make out the date on the dimes. I'm always on a hunt for silver coins, and usually find at least one per jug of coins. Wheat pennies and any other coins of interest are saved and set aside, but back to the magnify glass.

I'll have to take the kids out and show them how to start a fire with one. Better yet, have them show me how to make a fire with one. I don't think that anyone showed me how to when I was young, perhaps it's a natural instinct? Sounds like a good opportunity to turn the TV off, get outside, and spend some time with the boys. Plus, it just might come in handy some day for them...

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. Used to be they taught that in science class. Do they even teach science any more? I grew up in Michigan. On really cold winter days, our Science Teacher, Mr. Cullen, would heat the classroom and show us how to make it snow inside.

    I have a magnifying glass, too.

    Here's hoping for an election that changes the country for the better, too.
    God bless, stay safe.

    1. Our boys have a really good school, which is the main reason we have two mortgages right now. The school does after school enrichment as an after care program, and our kids get to chose some pretty cool topics such as: karate, the science of candy, art classes, guitar and violin lessons, coding, cooking, and a slew of other topics. Some days we aren't allowed to pick them up early!