Thursday, January 14, 2016

We Didn't Win the Lottery, But....

Our family didn't even match one number, but Sweetheart and I did do something right. We were talking with the kids last night about what they would want to do if we won the lottery. Money was no object. Row, our almost ten year old, said that he'd save it for college, "because, you know, it's expensive, and I want to make wise choices with my money." Smart young man.

Red Ant With Pincers, our seven year old tomorrow, wanted to give money to the poor "because they don't have any, and a big mansion!" He has always had a giving heart.

Sweetheart would pay off everyone's debt in our family, one time.

Myself? 10% to the church, and a scholarship program for people to take the Dave Ramsey class for free. I have grander plans too...Our parents would permanently retire. I'd buy 4 or 5 tour buses and tour the continental United States with personal tutor(s) for the boys education. Parents and siblings would be most welcome to travel along, in their own bus.

Bus One: Family
Bus Two: Parents
Bus Three: Family/ friends
Bus Four: School/Crew
Bus Five: Crew

It was well worth the $6.00 daydream...

Keep Right On Prepping  - K

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  1. We didn't win either; but church and paying off debt was definitely there.
    Happy birthday to Ant! Hope he has a great day.
    God bless you all. Stay safe.