Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I Feel Slightly Retarded

I must have lost a few brain cells a couple of days ago, and that is without any drinks. I didn't sleep very well, and that might be to blame. In MRI, the "hand" is the area slightly above the knuckles and down to the start of the wrist. In Xray, the hand consists of the fingertips to the wrist bumps.

I scanned the whole hand yesterday, and the Senior Tech got a phone call from the radiologist. When a radiologist calls the clinic it's never to say "good job." It's kinda like getting a letter from the IRS or your wife starting a conversation with "we need to talk." Nothing good every comes from it.

We also have a protocol for scanning the brain with and without contrast that also includes the orbits [eyes]. These are two separate billable procedures, and I forgot how to place the order into our system. Granted, we probably do about 20 a year, and I only work the ordering side once the Senior Tech is gone, but I should know how to do this ordering procedure.

In short, I hate screwing up and feeling like a rookie. Today, I'll go in and take notes on how to order the single scan/ duel billing scan so that when it comes up next time, I wouldn't feel like a rookie.

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. Nobody is perfect. And they will probably use the opportunity to double bill the patient so they will be happy in the end.

  2. I don't like making mistakes, and I have high standards for my work.

    The brain scan and orbit scans share the same sequences, ergo they are combined to save the patient time on the table and make the clinic more efficient. There are few scans that can be combined, and our company does "no charge" on 2 of them [ IAC internal auditory canal, and pituitary ] to drive more traffic through the clinic, save the patient cash, and as an incentive to get doctors to use our clinic.

    Our clinic has the lowest prices in town, and some of the best imaging quality. The senior tech I'm working under has been doing MRI for 25 years. I've got a lot to still learn....