Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow Day Tradition

I've mentioned a few times that my Mom used to make homemade bread on snow days when I was a kid. Well, I decided to carry on that tradition with my kids, and today was a snow day with a little under 4 inches for our first snow fall of the year. This is a good amount where I'm located.

Row was up at 4:30 this morning excited about the snow, and had to wake up Red Ant. Sweetheart heard them in the living room playing on their Ipads, and of course, I had to sleep stumble into the living to ask them "who are you two?", considering that it takes forever to get them going on school days. "It's a snow day", Row replied with all smiles. I stood in the doorway for a minute. I thought to myself "it's a logical response, and it wasn't causing any harm", so I told them to be quieter, and I headed back to bed.

After breakfast, we built a snow fort, a snowman, slide on a few hills, and had a snowball fight. We need to be making memories for these kids. They aren't going to remember the Smash mouth action figure they got for their 4th birthday, but will remember the time Mommy and Daddy had a snowball fight with them and lost. I got nailed in the face a few times, and someone [Red Ant] actually made a shot down the back of my pants!

My bread recipe

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. My kids, who are now middle aged adults, do not remember birthday or even Christmas gifts. They remember the times Mom helped them build a snowman. They remember sneaking chocolate chip cookie dough from the bowl and Mom let them. They remember blueberry picking, weeding the garden and the taste of the fresh garden tomatoes they helped to grow. Good on you. Your bread baking on a snowy day will be one of their fondest memories.

    1. After going to a few funerals, the theme that Sweetheart and I discovered was that it was the time spent with them that was the most important and cherished. Sounds like you and I are on the right track.

  2. Nice. I don't think my dad ever had a snowball fight with me :(

    You are smart to give them fond memories. They get to pick the nursing home :)