Friday, March 22, 2013

Wegmans : Side Trip

Today's side trip was lunch at Wegmans grocery store and grocery shopping. It may not sound exciting, but my wife and I are foodies.

This picture was taken in the upstairs dining area, which can be partially seen on the upper left of the photo,and the area below the seating area is a multicultural buffet. Chinese, Indian, Pizza, Salad & Veggie bar are all available to go or dine in. The food was good, but a bit on the pricey side since we were paying per ounce.

The bakery was amazing! Fresh bread, desserts, and all sorts of wonderful baked goods.

This is one of the better deli's that I have seen. They had a pretty good collection of shelf stable meats, but we didn't buy any today. Couldn't find any canned bacon though ;-(

Another one of my favorite stops---Cheese!

For the coffee drinkers, Monsoon Matriarch I especially thought of you, this coffee was is available in whole beans & ground varieties. The packaging is a sturdy all  metal can  which is next to impossible to find. I've added it onto my Amazon Store for those interested in checking it out. I'll be ordering a double pack soon, to do a full review for everyone. I've seen a 3kg can on the web, but no prices yet. I'm thinking that the packaging alone would account for may be a good dollar or two. SHTF type of stuff.

We also bought a 10 pound bag of short grain rice that we haven't seen in any of our local stores. We'll use about half of it, then mylar bag the rest of it for long-term storage. The prepper in us never really go on vacation. Sweetheart and I have had the same thoughts on the local area in a collapse scenario...they're screwed.

The adult kid-in-candy-store in me was very happy to see this side of the store.

Also, a huge selection of beer that is not available in our home state. I blew my beer budget allowance for the next two months here. I have a very small budget, by the way. It has become a weekly tradition for Josh, Scott, and myself to take turns bringing a cooler of beer for testing Friday. I hope that I have picked two beers that are locally unavailable, good, and will blow their minds. Good friends deserve good beer.  

With these two beers, Piraat Belgian Ale & Leffe Blonde Belgian Ale, I should be good for about 9 weeks worth of tests. Josh and Scott - You two have a real treat ahead of you.

Tomorrow, we head back towards Knoxville and stay at the same hotel with the inside waterpark and pool.

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. Where is this place?? It looks like a little piece of Heaven on Earth. I'd never heard of it before. Can we take sleeping bags and stay there overnight!?!

    Can't wait to hear how the coffee is as home brew! Love those real metal cans!

    1. The Wegmans was in Leesburg, Virginia. Their website is

  2. Reminds me a little of the newer HEB stores In Texas but theirs are not quiet that elaborate.

    1. I'm happy for you, because we have nothing locally with this foodie nirvana combination. We spent about two hours there, and could have spent longer if the boys weren't starting to act out.