Monday, October 19, 2020

Arkansas Discs Link Provided On Sidebar

I've updated the sidebar to include a link to my ebay store for music and other wares. Be sure to follow and send a message if you decide to buy something, so that I know you're a fellow blogger.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

 I'm not sure if anyone still pops in, or if we are on any feeds, but we are doing well. The kids are growing up so fast, and doing very well. They are 14, 11 and 6! My wife is still working as a medical coder, and working from home. I was an MRI tech for 5 years, and started an online music store about two years ago that has turned into my full time income. I had to quit the MRI position due to management wanting me to risk my education and licensing, so they could save a few bucks. It has worked out rather well considering the current weather. Stay alert, and may God watch over all of my blogosphere friends.