Thursday, May 21, 2015

Weekend Update from Last week

We had our Dave Ramsey garage sale last weekend, and got rid of some clutter, and made some cash. Our recent graduating class of Financial Peace University decided to have the garage sale as a way to raise Step 1. Step one is a reserve of $1000 for emergencies. The money that we raised was almost enough to pay for a new grill!!! Sunday was a the inaugural BBQ chicken was awesome.

 The BBQ sauce had an "expiration" date of December, but thankfully everyone survived.

I had our monthly meeting with the radiography crew later that evening. The waiter actually rounded the change in my favor! What a refreshing change, no pun intended.

Revolver610 made an interesting comment that I've been dwelling on. He said that being in the medical profession, he feels that he is fighting Darwin. I  completely agree. Some of the patients that I see, I can only hope that they don't reproduce. It's not the Zombie apocalypse that we need to worry about, it's the "short bus window lickers" apocalypse we are experiencing that we need to worry about.

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rounding It Out

I can't believe it has been so long since my last post. I've finished up this crazy semester of eleven hours, working full time, rental house, and family life. I did fairly well academically. I got 100% in my Current Issues in Healthcare, which was an exercise in free-style ranting writing. I felt that it was wasted money for a three hour course, but it did help my GPA and I got to spew my thoughts on a whole new crew of people. My MRI procedures class is finished, and I'm waiting for her to grade my "senior thesis". My senior thesis was a twelve page APA-style paper on epilepsy. I've also extended my MRI practicum into the summer, since a few of the protocols we don't do at work such as: adrenals, MRA of venous system of brain, gallbladder, liver, and other abdominal organs. I'll need to provide slave labor at a university sponsored hospital to collect all of the necessary routines for the MRI class.

The boys are doing well. Red Ant has earned his door back. The Doctor is 9 months old and walking around the couch and coffee table....He'll be walking on his own before ten months! Row, my brilliant third grader, is reading on a seventh grade reading level, and doing math on a fifth grade level. It is kinda bitter sweet to think that my nine year old is reading above the national reading average.

Prepping has been on a stand still. No new progress to report or cool gear to review. The doctor's food, formula, and diaper budget has pretty much taken care of any extra money.

Sweetheart and I have been co-leading a Dave Ramsey class at church. I'm loving teaching other people to get prepared for financial emergencies. Let's face it. Everyone will have money trouble, and learning how to get out of debt, and stay on a budget is the best way to protect you and your family.

Enjoy the customary photo with each post....

Keep Right On Prepping - K