Monday, July 24, 2017

Time To Stock Up - Office Supplies/Pantry

Just a friendly reminder to look at the sales papers and stock up your home office with these loss leaders. Over the next few weeks, you should be able to collect some really good deals.

*Pencils never dry out, and they are better for backpacking than pens, the ink tends to smear when the paper gets wet.

* Gallon Ziploc bags are priced at the best price this time of year since they appear on a lot of school supply lists.

*Flash drives or thumb drives are priced really good this time of year too. Might be a good time to transfer some photos onto these portable storage devices.

*Peanut butter is also usually a good buy since most kids are packing their lunches.

*Printer paper, notebook paper, crayons, folders, and pens are on my resupply list for our home office and crafts area.

What are some of the back to school supplies that you usually stock up on this time of year?

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Week of July 4th

I took off the week of July 4th to take keep the boys out of the house since Sweetheart works from home. I tried to pack a full schedule to keep them occupied, and one of the trips was into the Capital City to the MacArthur Museum of Military History. Red Ant is really into anything military related, much like my brother. I wouldn't be surprised if he did decide to join or armed forces. In case you didn't know, before Brother Bill Clinton, Little Rock most famous person was Douglas MacArthur. General MacArthur was the better person.

They had a real Jeep inside the museum, and it was really cool to see the original design. Speaking of which, I've had my truck on Craig's List for about a month. I'll be using that money to buy a used Jeep Wrangler, or that is the idea.

Through the week, we went to a community bakery for breakfast, and visited with a friend that I worked with at the restaurant. We also went to a doctor's appointment for Red Ant, visited an old arcade and played Donkey Kong, pinball, air hockey, and other classic quarter games. I had forgotten about so many cool games...

On Friday, we went to the Buffalo National River and hung out on the river bank, collected rocks, squashed worms, and  watched people roll their canoes in the rapids.

On the way back, we pulled over at a scenic overlook and had lunch at one of their picnic tables. About 10 minutes after filling up the truck, one of the cylinders started to misfire, and the truck died. Fortunately, we were able to coast into a farmer's market at a small town. The lady at the stand gave me the name of a towing company, and $175 and 100+ miles later, we were at our house.

The truck goes to our mechanic on Monday. Hopefully it's bad gas, a faulty coil, or spark plug. Something cheap would be nice.....
UPDATE: $9000 for a new motor. It's going to junk yard....

Keep Right On Prepping - K