Friday, December 11, 2015

Walking In May

It is official. I took my final exam on Wednesday for Emergency Management and will finish the course with a B. I also stopped in to see my professor about my MRI practicum and ended the course with 98%, so I'll finish an A.

I now have my BSRT (Bachelor of Science in Radiological Technologist). I'll walk in May of 2016 with High Honors.

For my long time reader, the last graduation was for my Associates Degree [95 hours] for RT.

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Thursday, December 10, 2015

That Didn't Take Long & Odds and Ends

On December 8, 2015 it was reported that Iran tested a missile on November 21, 2015.

Obama said on July 14, "As I said yesterday, even with this deal, we will continue to have profound differences with Iran: its support of terrorism, its use of proxies to destabilize parts of the Middle East. Therefore, the multilateral arms embargo on Iran will remain in place for an additional five years, and restrictions on ballistic missile technology will remain for eight years." [my emphasis]

So, America has made a deal with Iran and they have already broken it, yet Obama hasn't said a word about renewing the economic sanctions against Iran. No wonder none of our enemies are worried about the paper tiger that the Obama regime has created.

In my world, the Mitsubishi needs about $2500 worth of transmission work. It isn't worth that much, so I'll be looking for another vehicle. I've got a line on a 2009 Ford F150 that I'll be looking at next week. 168K miles but no leaks or other issues, plus I'll need a truck for the eventually homestead. That coupled with the new family car will leave us with 3 vehicles so it'll work out.

The rent house needs a new roof, and that will done very soon. I'm just waiting on estimates to come in and people to look at the property for estimates. Should it really be this hard?

Keep Right On Prepping  - K

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Free 2016 Calendar

Here is a link to get your FREE 2016 Arkansas calendars all compliments of the tax-paying people of Arkansas.

A limit of 5...use that money to buy a few more preps.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Product Endorsement

Our pantry is important because it allows us to stockpile items when they go on sale. One of our house favorites is Classico Spaghetti sauce, and it usually sells for about $2.18 [Walmart] and as low as $1.88 [Kroger].  The entire family loves spaghetti night, and it's a cheap eat.

The empty jar is also a nice mason jar that can be used for home canning afterwords. It is NOT a wide mouth jar, and the label does take some time to wear off the sticky, but that is my only complaint. Heck, it can even triple duty as Hillbilly glassware when the SHTF crew shows up at your house.

The sides are even conveniently marked up to 16 fluid ounces, so it can be an impromptu measuring cup as well. Classico gets our endorsement!

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7th, 1941 & The Present

December 7th, 1941  -- a date which will live in infamy --


For serving America during it's time of need, without reservation, without remorse, without fear, You were "The Greatest Generation".

Without a doubt, America is in a decline. There are many world powers, and groups that would like to see the USA burn. It would be hard for any country to go toe-to-toe with the United States, and hopefully they realize that with a well-armed citizenry [2nd Amendment] that any invasion would be futile. The best way for any nation to defeat the US is to let it crumble from within, which seems to be working. Sun Tzu anyone?

A Modern Version?

My greatest fear, and personal leanings towards prepping involves the explosion of a small nuclear warhead high in the stratosphere over the continental US by a terrorist organization. The resulting EMP would destroy the power grid, and the electronical advantage that the United States enjoys over other countries. A massive die off would follow....

Mechanical and low technology solutions are out there that can be used in any prepping situation. If you can prepare for a extended power outage then you can prepare for an EMP. (Psst, more likely to be without power than a nuke)

Keep Right On Prepping -K

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Open Carry Court Challenge - Update

Good news for open carry proponents! On Nov. 18th (yeah, I'm way behind on posting)...

"The case was dismissed after the guilty verdict was appealed to the circuit court in White County. Richard Chambless was arrested in August 2015 for illegally carrying in a Bald Knob McDonald's. Police were concerned he had "intent to cause harm." However, after going from guilty to dropped charges, the open-carry debate is open ended once again.
"I'm very happy for Richard and gun owners in Arkansas," said Shane Ethridge, the defense attorney for Chambless." [link]

It looks like it will be challenged in court again, but this case does set a precedence for future court cases. It ain't over yet....


Keep Right On Prepping - K

Monday, November 23, 2015


The Mitsubishi, the one that has gotten me through school, is on it's last leg. Today the transmission started to fail, it was like getting kicked in the rear at 30-35 mph (repeatedly), and peeling out to get it going in the forward direction.

It's time like these that the house for sale is an albatross around our necks, but we are also grateful to have family willing to let us use their car until we get our Pile O'Junk running again. We did a lot of praying that the car would get me through school, and it did. Plus a year.

 Red Ant called it the "itsy fishy" when he was younger, and I'll be ready to scrap it when the time comes or ram that ding dong that doesn't know how to merge. Either one.

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Food Storage & Holidays

Just a friendly reminder, in these troubled times, that this is an excellent time to stock up on prepping supplies for the family. Historically, these are the low price points for turkeys, ham, sugar, baking supplies, and some canned goods.

A turkey or two in the freezer for a January and February feast can help stretch the dinner dollar. Combine that with a spiral cut ham (x3), and you've got about half your protein needs for the winter months, as well as some excellent sandwiches to brown bag.

Look at those local ads, and catch you some bargains to stretch your food dollar.

Image result for ham turkey canned goods

Some goods prices that I've seen or stocked up on:

Spiral cut hams
Sweet potatoes (fresh and canned)
Canned pumpkin (an excellent source of vitamins)
Cranberries (canned and fresh)
Turkey (frozen)
Canned green beans
Canned Corn
Cream of [chicken, mushroom,etc...] canned soups

Keep Right On prepping - K

What did you stock up on this week?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veteran's Day 2015 & Update

From our family to all those that served or are currently serving, we are grateful for your service to our country.

The kids are doing great. Row won the Principal's award [based on character, grades, attitude, and performance] at school and the A & B Honor roll. Red Ant made the all A honor roll, and both boys also had perfect attendance.

The rent house is still on the market, and the showings have dropped. Our agent had another open Realtor house with 30 agents looking at the house with our agent throwing in a $500 bounty from his commission for anyone that brings a buyer.

Sweetheart and I are winding down our Dave Ramsey class at church, and are considering taking a break due to various reasons.

My classes are going well. I should finish my last 8 hours towards my Bachelor degree with all A's. I'll graduate with high honors in May.

This Halloween Row, pictured above, went as Waluigi a fictional character from Mario Bros. Red Ant went as a Ghostbuster, or as he used to sing "Who ya gonna call?! Ghostmustard!".  Daddy dressed our sweet doctor as Chucky.

Our little doctor is already a computer expert because he changed a lot of my settings on my computer that I have no idea how he did it. He is currently happy to drag the mouse [unplugged] around the house, reading books, and using his baby sign language skills.

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Presidential Prediction 2016

I'm going to make my predictions for the next Presidential election cycle.

On the republican side, Ted Cruz.

Hispanic descend, well positioned politically, and from a large electoral state. He'll need a non-southern running mate for more domestic appeal.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton.

Good name recognition, a political machine since Bill Clinton was president, aspirations since Slick Willy was governor of Arkansas, moved to New York as soon as possible for home field advantage in electoral college.

I'm calling the Presidential Election winner to Hillary Clinton.

My reasoning:
  • Female - going to play the female card reasoning for president. Hey, the race card worked for Obummer!
  • A huge political machine that has been refined from the original Clinton campaign, and refined for Hillary since fleeing the backwoods of Arkansas.
  • Bill Clinton is highly regarded by the black community, and she'll use that connect to widen her voter base.
  • Socialist, which means the non-productive members of society will vote to continue the "free lunches" available through the Democratic party. This is my main reason for my prediction. America has been lost without a huge fundamental change in the voter base.

This is a preparedness blog so here are a few thoughts to counter her future plans for America.
  1. Decouple from the banking system by using cash whenever possible, less tracking of your personal purchases. 
  2. Purchase (or have purchased) at least one gun through a private seller with no government records.
  3. Purchase ALL ammo WITH CASH. No one needs to know how much ammo you have stored. 
  4. Eliminate debt as much as possible. Taxes are going to increase, I'll take any wagers on this one.
  5. Reduce your total cost of living, and set back cash out of the banking system for emergencies. Think Crete.
  6. Purchase any gun magazines that you want or will want in the future. The anti-gun establishment will not relent. A 30 round mag might be worth $100 very soon.
  7. Reduce your voluntary tax exposure. Stop smoking. Drink at home. Eat at home more often. Look at different ways to reduce your tax bills. Tune up your car (less gas tax).
  8. Buy some junk silver or precious metals. If it's not in your possession, then it not really yours.

Your comments and suggestions are more than welcome, but be civil. Any new items added to the "Prepare for Hillary" list will be credited to you. Thanks in advance.

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Friday, October 9, 2015

Chasing My Own Tail

I've been quite busy with life. Red Ant has joined the Cub Scouts, so Mondays I get to relax about 8:00 in the evening. I graduated with my Associates degree in 2014, and this is the last semester [8 hours] of college. I'm on track to graduate with high honors again. If I can get away with it, I going to decorate my gown like a third world dictator. I'll walk in May of 2017.

I was thinking this morning that they have special plates for the handicapped. Why not create a special license plate for the mentally handicapped. Considerations might include bumper stickers that declare "I'm ready for Hillary", not using the little stick on the side of the steering wheel, and other such qualifiers.

I've also been buckling down to take my national registry for MRI. This is a huge deal, and I always have test anxiety. I've found a good online interactive guide for $99.

The rent house is still for sale, and I'm ready for it to be sold at a reasonable price.

My bipolar co-worker is going to get divorced, and has found God in the process. I'm all for him being saved, but I don't want to listen to Christian rock all day and hear him quote scripture that pertains to his situation. I'd rather keep my religion like Depeche Mode - "Personal Jesus". That being said, I will listen to him, and offer some of my own life experiences that maybe he can relate to...

I'll offer some humor to close the post....

Must be a young liberal?

Love SLJ!

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Sunday, September 20, 2015

New Cost Analysis on Homemade Laundry Soap (Still a Bargain to Make)

Homemade Laundry Detergent

1 Box of Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda© (55 oz)
1 Box Zote© Laundry Flakes (17.6 oz)
1 Box 20 Mule Team© Borax (76 oz)

In a large mixing bowl combine the entire box of laundry flakes (6 cups per box) and washing soda (6 cups per box), then measure out 6 cups from the box of borax and put into mixing bowl.

Pour the remaining borax into a gallon Ziplock bag and tightly seal to keep moisture out of it.

Mix the powder extremely well and place into empty paint can.

Start the washing machine and use warm water. Put one spoonful into the machine, wait a minute then add clothes.

Cost Analysis (9-19-15)

1 Box Zote Flakes............= $2.64
1 Box Borax.....................= $3.97 (with 4 cups left over) final recipe cost is $2.38
1 Bx Super Washing Soda= $3.97
================== =======
Total …................................$8.99

This makes a total of 18 cups and the measurement for each load is 2 TB (Tablespoon).
There are 16 TB in a there are 288 TB in this batch.
288 Tb / 2 TB equals 144 loads this batch.
$8.99 / 144 loads equals $.0624 per load. 6.25 cents per load

Time to prepare took less than 15 minutes.
Most of the major brands run around 20 cents per load to wash your clothes. This is close to a 66% savings.

Asthma Suffers or Family Members with Asthma: 
From Monsoon Matriarch:
Check places like Lowe's and Home Depot if it's not in your grocery. I have to double bag Zote and keep it in the garage because it slams my asthma. Fels naptha is less of a trigger for me. If you have someone with allergic asthma in the family, check Zote with them in the store before buying.
Keep Right On Prepping - K

Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Little Feedback To Washington

I had the opportunity to talk to the Director of Food Services for one of the largest school districts in the state, and I asked her how it was going. She explained that Arkansas has the healthiest trash cans in the America. I gave her a puzzled look, and asked her what she meant. The district's federal funding is tied to the Michelle Obama mandate that all food trays have to have a healthy fruit/vegetable on it. While that seems like a great idea, the reality of the situation is that the kids go through the line, get their food, and drop the unwanted fruit/veggie into the trash can as they go to their table.

The director has tried unsuccessfully to have fruit bowls placed on the tables so that the kids that want a healthy option can pick their own fruit. Great idea! No waste, and mission accomplished. Unfortunately, the ivory tower has no ears, and her good ideas haven't produced any positive results. She equated it to trying to milk a bull.

Seriously, what is it gonna take for common sense to rule the land once again? Maybe God had it right when he flooded the planet to start over again...

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Week Four

This is the topic of my Emergency Preparedness class at my local university. It's an graduate level course and I'll be doing random posts about the course throughout the semester. Let me know if you'd like more...

There are two important terms in Emergency preparedness: mitigation and preparedness.

Mitigation is a means of reducing or eliminating the impact from a disaster while preparedness is the state of readiness to respond to a disaster.  A good analogy would be getting out of debt for a financial crisis (mitigation) and having a few months worth of cash at home (preparedness).

Preparedness Cycle:

Step 1. Planning- creating a risk assessment to plan for the most likely disaster to happen in your area. A hurricane plan for those in Florida would be a good start, but no so much if you live in North Dakota. 

Step 2. Organization and Equipment- In keeping with the hurricane scenario, you would want to have sheets of plywood pre-cut for your windows, food, water, medicine, battery powered lamps,etc...

Organization could be as simple as keeping all your supplies in the same area of the garage or a detailed plan on who in the family goes to the grocery store, who puts up the plywood, and who would collect all of the wind blown items in the yard before the hurricane makes landfall.

Step 3. Training- This might include teaching the kids how to turn off the gas line to the house, how to light the gas grill, or teaching the spouse how to assist in the placing of the plywood over the windows. Training = Knowledge.

Step 4. Exercise-  This could be as simple as a mock evacuation or a weekend living without power to test the first three steps and identifying any shortfalls. Did we store enough water? Did we forget the spare batteries for the lamp? How are we going to flush the tiolet or how to go to the bathroom? How is the dog gonna do his "business"?

Step 5. Evaluation and Improvement- This final step in the preparedness cycle takes the lessons learned and applies them to future processes. The bulk of your knowledge will come from exercising the plan and actual disaster experience.

Keep Right On Prepping  - K

Monday, September 14, 2015

Post 9-11 Thoughts (Soapbox Edition)

It seems a shame that the 9-11 attack didn't produce better results.

We still have an open border, where we have to classify illegals into 12 categories so that they can stay here.

A surveillance state where the government spies and collects information on it's own citizens more that threats from foreign powers.

The EMP commission has recommended shielding our electrical system, but politics has made our power system more vulnerable each passing year.

We should pay more and respect our armed forces that put their life on the line for this country, and make the patriot route a viable career choice.

The finance and appeasement of governments that want to see the United States defeated and burned to the ground.

The division of the American people against one another instead of building a united peoples for a strong and proud nation.

The import of 100,00 Muslims that will create their own enclaves rather than joining the "melting pot".

The erosion of our constitutional rights, Bengazi, Fast and Furious and other illegal activities without repercussions on the offenders.

God Help Us.

Another Reason to Keep Right On Prepping - K 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Where Were You....

I was in my new home on my day off, when I plugged in the TV and turned it to the news to see the second plane hit the twin towers. Surreal...walked around most of the day in a kind of hazy awareness and wondering how people could do this? A lot of the world hates America...

I'm sure a terrorist organization would love to pop off a few EMPs over the continental US.

Keep Right On Prepping - K

On the way to school, I tried to explain the importance of 9-11. Both my boys can't understand why someone would fly a plane of full of people into a building. Not one, but three planes as weapons. I can't explain it, and happy that they can't phantom it.  - K

Thursday, September 10, 2015

More Fees To Work

With the continuing decline in our economy, more and more resources will be needed from those being productive members of society. For example, I have to pay a $35/year fee to be licensed with the state, $108/year to a national organization for my Continuing Education (CE) credits, $35/year for Basic Life Support (BLS) certification, and various other small fees. All for the privilege of working.

The fees are manageable, but I expect to always see new ways to increase the government's cash flow because I have a job.  I am all for certification in the health care field, but don't bleed my paycheck.

Keep Right On Prepping - K 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Very Best

On my one year anniversary at my MRI job, I've decided to be a champion for the poor. These people need someone to provide the very best MRI services that can be provided for them.

Especially the poor that don't have a job, and enter my clinic smelling like weed and alcohol. And it's doubly  important to give these same people excellent quality images that come into the clinic for a lawsuit. They deserve everything they get from that "accident".

I'll be applying for sainthood towards the end of my career.

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Something My Dad Would Do...

We needed to get shoes for the boys last evening, and made a stop at the shoe store. As I was going into the store, I noticed that a vehicle was illegally parked in a handicap parking spot. Thankfully, upon entering the shoe store I noticed the mall security guy. As I'm walking past...

K- "You might want to call the cops, a car is illegally parked in the handicap parking spot."
Store manager - "Thanks!"
Rent a cop - (sizes me up then exits the store without saying a word)

Here's a picture of the vehicle...

AR Plate 139 SLS

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Open Carry In Arkansas ???

In 2013, Act 746 added a few words to the statute that made it a violation to carry a handgun, knife, or club for the use "with purpose to attempt to unlawfully employ the handgun, knife, or club as a weapon against a person." The Attorney General at the time, Dustin McDaniel, said in a nonbinding statement that it did not  permit open carry. The current governor, Asa Hutchinson, and the current Attorney General, Leslie Rutledge, have commented that they believe open carry is legal in Arkansas under the current statute.

On May 4th, 2015 Richard Chambless was arrested in Bald Knob at a McDonalds for openingly carrying a weapon. On Tuesday, August 25th,  he was convicted for carrying a weapon and disorderly conduct. I suspect the disorderly conduct conviction came as a result of him standing up for his rights. We can't have people standing up for their rights, now can we? He was sentenced to 15 days in jail and a year of probation. His attorney is appealing the conviction. The governor, Asa Hutchinson says that "I expect an appeal to the Arkansas Supreme Court because it's a constitutional question, it's an important question for the Arkansas Supreme Court to clarify."

I've expected a case to make it to the Supreme Court of Arkansas much sooner, and will be elated to hear the court uphold a constitutional carry right in Arkansas. I'm a supporter of concealed carry, since I'd prefer the bad guys not to know that I have a weapon, ergo a target. I'm also a supporter of open carry...however you choose to defend yourself and family.

Your thoughts?

Keep Right On Prepping - K (and I'll keep an eye on this case)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Keep The Feet Happy!

Back in December of 2012, I bought a pair of TruSpec boots, then six months later I wrote this review [May of 2013,].  These boots got a heavy workout in the daily grind of kitchen restaurant work. Sneakers with usually only last about 3 months before needing replacement, but I wore these boots six days a week for over a year, then at least three to four times a week going around town or school. Needless to say, these boots have gotten A LOT of miles on them.

These boots cost $50.00, and I would definitely buy these again for the value, function, and durability. I highly endorse these boots. These have been retired to yard work, and I'm sure that they will last until the next pair of boots gets downgraded to domestic duty.

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Home Front

In an effort to sale the rent house, we dropped the price by $4000 when the new photos of the refinished floors were updated on the MLS listing. Sweetheart and I have talked about possibly keeping the house if it doesn't sell by January. In which case, it will be a permanent rent house due to the tax liability. The mortgage is low enough to enough over twice the amount of the mortgage, but one tenant can wipe out a year's profit through damage and neglect.

 The house has gotten about 15 lookers, but no offers. Hopefully, it'll happen quickly...

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Monday, August 31, 2015

Grilling Deals

Be on the lookout for deep discounts during the end of grilling season. At our house, grilling season never ends and this is an excellent time to stock up on sale items to get you through until next Memorial Day. Some of my previous items that I've bought? BBQ sauce, grill spatulas and scrub brushes, cedar planks, and charcoal. While I prefer propane, I've been known to use charcoal while car camping.

Why am I mentioning Labor Day a full week early? Get out there and check out the regular price of the items that you use during the grilling season, or related items that you've had your eye on. When they go on sale, you'll know exactly how much of a discount you are saving. Our Kroger has been known to drop the price on a case of water by a penny, and calling it a sale item.

It might be a great time to get some good prepping items!

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Banking Creativity...

The slow collapse of our economy will bring about new fees and taxes so that the government and companies can maintain their cash flow. For example, my saving account at a local bank decided that all savings account that have been dormant for 6 months or more will be assessed a maintenance fee of $6.00/month. While $6.00 a month is a small amount, the total cost for one year is $72.00 for digitally maintaining an INACTIVE account.

I proceeded to head to the bank, and closed the account. When the teller asked why, I replied that "I can hold my own cash for $72 a year without paying any interest." (She had my permission to quote me.)

Keep a close eye on your finances as companies and the government will gradually try to pass along new schemes to part you from your cash.

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Friday, August 28, 2015

It's Coming...Again

After the Virginia shooting, Monica Lewinski's ex-boyfriend's wife stated that, ""There's so much evidence that if guns were not so readily available..." 

The anti-gunners aren't going to give up on taking away your rights to bear arms [2nd Amendment]. I strongly urge my friends and family to purchase standard capacity magazines (30 and 40 round) for ANY gun that they HAVE or MAY want in the future. For your AR-15, I suggest about 10-30 magazines. For your other rifles and pistols, I suggest at least ten.

Keep fighting and pushing back against more gun control. Vote, but also prepare for the day when you won't be able to freely and cheaply purchase a magazine of your choice. I also strongly advocate purchasing firearms through private sales.

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Feeding the Beast

I really hate some doctors. Especially those that write MRI orders so that they can get paid for the doctor's visit. For instance, this week I've scanned a cervical spine for a patient whose chief complaint was that her right index finger had been numb for a week. Medicare for those wanting to get enraged.

I also scanned another patient that came in for a brain scan for swelling around her mouth and a day long headache. Smelled like alcohol and Medicare again. Our tax dollars at work, and I'm mentally screaming inside my cranium the whole time I'm doing these unnecessary procedures.

I texted Revolver about the scans and included a picture that I found that summed up our attitudes while doing nearly any online discussion questions while we were in school...

Keep Right On Prepping, it's gonna get ugly - K

If I could just figure out which on eis me and which one is revolver..I think the one on the right has less hair...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bad Blog Writer

I must admit that I've been a bad blog poster for a few weeks. No excuses, just busy with life and wanting to relax with my Ipad and lurk around on my favorite blogs.

The family made a beach trip to Myrtle Beach, SC and had a great time with another family, and both sets of parents. The beach and private pool was awesome, but the service in the restaurants was an "I don't care, because you'll never be back attitude." And they would be correct. The days of good service being the standard are behind us. Speaking of which, corporate came down from Georgia to visit and make an appearance at the clinic. We got a tip that one of the directors wanted to make sure that everyone had a name tag, so that she wouldn't have to remember anyone's name. As it usually goes, the name tags came two weeks after their visit, and mine was absent from the delivery. I got my name tag today in a seperate package, and par for the course, they misspelled my name.

 The house is still on the market, with about 15 buyers having looked at it for about two months. New pictures will be taken of the refinished floors, and they do look gorgeous.

On the way to Myrtle Beach, we stayed over  in Atlanta with the intent on a visit to Legoland for the boys, but we forgot about the time change and it was too late to purchase tickets by the time we got in the metor area. We did however still surprise them on the way back home with a 3 hour pit stop at Legoland. The boys had a blast!

I'm gonna try to write about 15 minutes per day to make it a habit. More later...

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Reason To Refinish

The flooring is almost complete, and I found out today that our realtor is having an open house for all the other realtors next Tuesday. So, that means another weekend over at the house getting the baseboards painted, the yard in tiptop shape, and general detail cleaning. These series of photos are pre-, mid-, and post- pictures taken from just outside the front door.

  The List: 

  • 1 new small curtain in master bathroom
  • Paint outside trim around doors that were installed a year ago.
  • Make the under the sink in the main bathroom more attractive (hide water damage).
  • Clean under carport
  • Cut two small trees down in backyard.
  • Repaint quarter round in boys old bedrooms. 
  • Clean along back fence line.
Keep Right On Prepping - K

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Flooring Update

The refinishing of the hardwood floors are under way, and they are gonna look good! Sweetheart and I have been joking that we are gonna move back into the old house because it is looking really good. We, meaning I, need to be more active on projects around our current house. It seems a shame that all the stuff we wanted to do to the old house is finally getting done right before we sell it. Here's a few pics of the sanded floor, the dark spots in the first picture are from the previous owner's dog. It really lightened up more than I thought it would....

Living Room

The only small spot with any damage in the whole house. It looks like it'll sand down nicely.
  The List: 
  • 1 new small curtain in master bathroom
  • Paint outside trim around doors that were installed a year ago.
  • Restore hardwoods. Under contract!!!
  • Make the under the sink in the main bathroom more attractive (hide water damage).
  • Clean under carport
  • Cut two small trees down in backyard.
  • Repaint quarter round in boys old bedrooms. 
  • Clean along back fence line.
This weekend, weather permitting, I'll finish up a good portion of this list. We've had about six people view the property, and one is supposed to be coming back to measure to see if her furniture will fit. I'm hoping [pretty sure] that the restoration of the hardwoods will be the deciding factor in someone purchasing our old house.

Keep Right on Prepping - K

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


The moss on the roof is gone, but not by spraying a 10% bleach/water solution on it. Sweetheart and I got on the roof, and used a flat balded shovel to scrape off the moss. I then sprayed it with water, and scrubbed it with a brush, then repeat rinsed. The following morning, I got over there early and raked and bagged 99% of the moss. The roof looks much better...

You can kind of see the process, even though they are different parts of the roof. The final step was applying a heavy coat of the bleach water solution. The solution upsets the pH  balance of the moss and kills it...supposedly.

The weekend came and went without a single buyer looking at the house, which has me a bit concerned. I'd rather be done with the house, and square away some debts, replenish the saving, and pay for a new vehicle. Anyway, the list.... 

  The List:

  • Spray 10% bleach solution on roof moss to kill it. (2nd of 3 applications) or brush and hose off
  • 1 new small curtain in master bathroom
  • Paint outside trim around doors that were installed a year ago.
  • Restore hardwoods. Under contract!!!
  • Make the under the sink in the main bathroom more attractive (hide water damage).
  • Clean under carport
  • Cut two small trees down in backyard.
  • Repaint quarter round in boys old bedrooms. 
  • Clean along back fence line.
Keep Right on Prepping - K