Would you like to promote your website, product, company on this site?  I am currently accepting advertising on this site and/or free product samples for reviews. Any products of interest to preppers, homesteaders, backpackers, self reliant individuals, preparedness-minded people, or frugal living are welcome. 

The flag counter has the number of unique visitors to my blog and also the countries that have visited. I have over twenty years of backpacking experience and outdoor knowledge. I am not a know-it-all, but I like to learn new things and also share my knowledge on this blog. 

I expect all advertisers and sponsors to follow good business practices, and ship quality products in a timely fashion. I will not accept ads that show, link or promote racist, pornographic, questionable or negative sites.  

Product Reviews Procedures:
I am willing to accept products for review. I'll post a link to your site for you and a review. All correspondence should be directed to : Unatheo[at]hotmail[dot]com w/ the subject of "Attn: Ad Space". I will be honest and forthright in my review of a product. 

The Fine Print:
I do offer a reasonable way to advertise your product. I offer no refunds. I offer no guarantees on the number of hits you may get from advertising on this blog. I do not guarantee "up time" or the amount of people that sees your ad.  If any unforeseen event occurs, then I will work out a just and appropriate compensation (my discretion). I reserve the right to cancel an advertisement at any time,  for any reason, but I don't expect that to happen.

Thank you - K