Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekend Update

The family did a 3 mile fun run, well walking with a two year old and stroller, called The Country Run in the Capital City of Arkansas. It was hot and humid but got everyone out and active for the day.

I joked with the kids that we were like a herd of Zombies after the first mile. A documentary on WWII, they commented that the city refugees would scour the countryside for seven miles on each side of the lines of drift. The current physical condition of people nowadays, your farm would probably be safe four miles from any major highway.

Keep Right On Prepping - K 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fort Walton Vacation

We got back from Fort Walton beach about a week ago from our second summer vacation. I usually bring a computer so that I can work on my blog, but only brought my mini iPad. I wasn't able to post from my iPad with no posts throughout the week.

We had a great time, even though  it rained 5 out of 7 days, I got a speeding ticket, and Row started the vacation with a trip to the MediQuick clinic for strep throat.

Lots of monopoly, clue, seafood, and going to the pool between rain showers. The Gulfquarium was a great afternoon treat. We spent the last full day of sunshine at The Big Kahuna water park in Destin on Tuesday.

Our friends from Arkansas were in Florida and drove across to visit for an afternoon. We went to the beach, and then to a nice restaurant before they drove back to their hotel.

Row, our ten year old on the left, is starting fifth grade and doing extremely well in school. He got all A's last year and made the Principal's Honor List, which is only given to one student per class per semester. He is our artist. He was the only student to have his artwork displayed outside the art room, which was a comic series on Minecraft over the course of several months.  

The Doctor, our two year old in the middle, is into Masha and the Bear (Youtube it) and Blues Clues. He'll dance around with Steve or Joe during the show. He is already showing his charismatic personality, and seems to be the favorite of quite a few daycare workers. He's too cute. We are keeping his curls for now. His Daddy had curls when he was a toddler, a long long time ago...

Row, our seven year old, is still into the Nerf guns and Legos. He also made the A/B honor roll all last year. Mom and Dad are working with him more this year on spelling and reading for a better foundation. Overall,  he is our rough and tumble guy. In their after school program he has taken karate, print shop, and has a wide variety of interest. I can see him joining the military if his eyesight doesn't disqualify him...

We are doing our best to raise strong, smart young men. 

Keep Right On Prepping - K