Thursday, August 28, 2014

Water Plan: Part II

How much water can be purified with a gallon of Clorox bleach?  Avoid using bleaches that contain perfumes, dyes and other additives. A bottle of 121 ounce Clorox will cost about $3.50 at China-mart. Thanks Clorox, we get 7 full ounces less for the size that looks like a gallon!

First we need to look at how to purify water with bleach (source). It takes 20 drops (1/4 teaspoon) for a gallon of untreated water, and 60 minutes.

Next, there are .945 gallons in the 121 ounce bottle. Plug that number into this converter, and you get 71,554 drops of bleach in 121 ounces. Let's just round down to 71,500 for an easier conversion for gallon amounts.

Divide 71,500 by 20 drops (amount for 1 gallon untreated water) and we can treat  3575 gallons.

For the price of $3.50, we can treat over 3500 gallons of water (10 gallons for a penny) and have sparkling whites.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Roku and YouTube

We haven't had cable in several years, and the only thing that we've missed is the bill. Roku has added the YouTube channel a few months ago. So, in addition to NetFlix (<$10/month), and YouTube we have more than enough entertainment for the family.

For you Wolfman...

No commercials + shorter viewing time + more money in our pocket  = winning combination

The other entertainment project on my list is to install the digital antenna and converter for over-the-air broadcasting.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Water Plan : Part I

I'll be running a series on our water plan, and what we have been doing as a suburban family preparing for the future. While water is always toted as the number one priority for any preparedness exercise, it is often an over looked item. We are guilty of having the knowledge to prepare, but haven't fully acted on it. Granted, we are better prepared than most people.

Here is our current situation:

5 - seven gallon containers that are sitting in the garage since our move to the new house. They need to be taken under the house and filled with a water hose, and a drop or two of bleach added for the year long storage. I'll need to buy another container since the Dr. is another family  member to our household. We usually have about 4 to 7 cases of water on hand at all times. Each case has two and a half gallons each, or about a half day supply for our family. Each person needs one gallon of water per day. This is rationing level. This doesn't include water to flush the toilet or take a bath.

We have two hot water tanks. One is 80 gallons, and the other is 20 or 25 gallons. Best case scenario is that only the power goes out, and I'm able to cut the water supply at the curb to preserve the drinkable water. Five humans and one dog equals six people. 100 gallons divided by six equals a little over 16 days drinking supply. If it really get to critical level, the dog will get drinking water from the creek.

We have located one open water source that is within easy walking distance. We have about 2 gallons of bleach on hand, so we can purify the water that way. This source would quickly become non-drinkable in a prolonged situation from pollution and sewage.

Our other option is rain water collection. We have a large pool that can be used to collect water from the downspouts. This is probably my preferred method since chemical or sewage runoff is very unlikely. More research will have to be done on this topic. The water can be purified with either bleach or boiling. The record for Arkansas without rain is 39 days. (Source) Any rain collection system should account for the longest days without rain versus storage capacity. I can not stress this last sentence enough. We have tarps that can be used to funnel water into several five gallon buckets (we currently have 8) to expand our storage capacity even further. Of course, a serious SHTF event would necessitate this drastic action.

I do have a white gas camp stove that can be pressed into water purification duty, and have about 4-5 gallons of fuel which should last quite a while.  I'll have to calculate burn time at a later date, or buy another gallon.

Water storage is very unsexy in the preparedness world, but the most critical.  Toledo residents that had a water plan could have assisted neighbors (if they had enough to spare) and had an easier time. 

Questions: Do you have a water plan? Any other ways to acquire or store water that I hadn't mentioned? What things can you do today to improve your situation?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Plan for Transfer of Wealth

If it's not in your possession, you  really don't own it.

Everyone Most people My readers are keenly aware that the government can't manage money, and is on an inflationary binge comparable to John Belushi and cocaine. Hence, my strategy for my boys inheritance without government intervention. I'll be slowly buying one ounce silver American Eagles as money allows. I talked with a local coin shop owner, and am establishing a relationship with him. He knows that I'll be a steady customer of Eagles at $5.00 over spot. While he usually sales them for $27.00, I got these for $24.89 each.

While I can buy them cheaper online, this gives me the advantage of no paper trail, which is worth the premium. Our plan is to buy at a steady pace as a hedge against inflation, and as an inheritance for the boys. If the government doesn't know about it, then they can't tax it unlike bank accounts. A direct transfer of wealth without government involvement.

Thanks for the donation to Noah

As the producers become more and more out numbered by the leeches takers, I figure that the government will only increase taxes more and more creatively. This small start will be a step towards the inheritance for my three sons.

I couldn't resist!

It'll be a hedge against inflation, and our government's economic policy.

As a side note, Row has already given XXX a nickname: Dr. XXX. Hence forth Noah will be known as Dr. on this blog, and all previous posts will be changed accordingly. [time permitting]

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Your Input On Gear Recommendations

I need some input from my talented and varied audience on gear that is on my radar:

Harry: Shortwave/Ham radio (Brand/model #s) for beginner?

Josh: Single Stage press or Turret for reloading?

History Buffs: I have a friend that talked about an English (?) general during Cromwell's time that marched his forces from sea to sea and won both major battles. I'd like to find a history book about him for his birthday. I can't recall the name...

Books:  Under rated history books, or interesting reads. You know, with all that spare time that I have with school, work, and family.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014


I've been mulling over this post for a while,especially trying to pin down my thoughts into a coherent stream of thought. I've spent a lot of time to consider my childhood growing up on a military base, and wondering what kind of future I can expect for my kids.

I don't know when things changed. People had a work ethic, pride, honor, and the family was important. Perhaps I was insulated as a child? As a child of a Air Force lifer, it was expected that everyone did their best. Rules were followed, and jobs were done. I was about eight or nine years old when my parents divorced, and I was thrown into the civilian perspective. Heck, I figure there has to be some sort of clinical diagnosis about this kind of trauma. Nevertheless, the divorce affected me for many years, and still haunts me in some ways.

Before I wander too far down the rabbit hole, this also gives me a unique perspective on a lot of things. Mainly, the idealistic part of me is in constant turmoil with reality. When did living off the government handouts become the "American Dream" for so many?

Let me make something very clear. I love this country, or what it used to stand for. I don't know when things changed or perhaps I changed, nevertheless the United States isn't in good shape. Pogo was right, the enemy is us.

What kind of future can I expect for my new son, my oldest, and middle son? I prepare for the future because I've seen what America once was, where she is, and drawn a line between the two points.

I've also updated the header line on my blog to reflect that we reside in Arkansas. Sweetheart and I have debated about this point, it is a big state, and it doesn't break OPSEC. I'll be able to reflect on current politics, and economics in the state, which should add more information for the masses.

I'll be revamping the blog and adding more content as time allows, so everyone...

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Monday, August 4, 2014

New Boss In Town

My wife doesn't have much of a sense of humor while trying to push out a 8 pound, 9 ounce baby. I told her that she had to wait until tomorrow to give birth, since it was our current President's birthday. I'm hoping that the scales will be balanced out with this kid in the future.

Sweetheart did great! She called the nurse to tell her that she was ready for her epidural, and they called to get things moving. The anesthesiologist came by after about 10 minutes, and the lead nurse whispered to him, he nodded, and he explained that Sweetheart had to remain still during the procedure. Sweetheart's contractions were increasing in tempo and strength, and she told him that she was feeling very ready to push. No epidural and the nurse called the call button and yelled down the hallway for more help because things had progressed so quickly. Our Aunt Linda came in the room as Sweetheart was going through a strong contraction, and quickly followed by the charge nurse. The room was a tornado of activity, and the lead nurse called out that the baby was in the breech position. Sweetheart began to panic, but after closer examination the nurse felt around and told her that the baby was not breech, but had shoulder dystocia (where the shoulder is lodged or trapped). After getting the shoulder past, the umbilical cord was wrapped around it's neck twice, but the nurses were able to unwind it from the neck.

Sweetheart did two more big pushes and the Doctor was born at 2:41pm. About this time the on-call doctor pops in and asks if everything is alright, and Aunt Linda and the other two ladies take care of the Doctor,  and get him breathing after a few seconds. I found myself holding my own breath, until he let out a few cries of his own.

The new boss
8# 9 ounces 
22 1/2 inches

Everyone is doing well, and Mama needs some rest. The boys will be going home with Grandma so that I can spend the night with Sweetheart and my new little man. Many thanks for all the prayers, and the generous donation will be used to buy some silver rounds for his future education. I am humbled by everyone's well wishes and congratulations.

I get to look through the world through a new set of eyes once more, and I look forward to it!  

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Settling In

Okay, we have made it into the Labor and Delivery room. Aunt Linda is an RN nurse here in the unit and is taking great care of my Sweetheart. Actually, we know quite a few of the staff here, which should make the stay a lot better. If not, Sweetheart can call NICU, respiratory therapy, and radiology and rattle a few cages.

Now that we are at the hospital, I can update the rest of the community about the secret between the boys. Row has not told a single soul about the sex of the baby. Red Ant is another story. If you asked Red Ant about the sex of the baby, he would tell you that you were trying to trick him. After a few minutes, and alone, he would saddle up to them and whisper, "I have a secret to tell you. It's a boy, but it's okay to tell a secret to one person...if you really need to,but don't tell your neighbor." Well, he has told both Grandmothers, Mimi, two Aunts, and our neighbor (that we know of).

I was talking with the neighbor, and he asked if we knew the sex of the baby yet? He knows the situation about the secret. I told him about how Red Ant had been telling people, and he started to laugh that Red Ant had told him about a month ago. Red Ant came over to visit his boys for a Nerf War, and matter of factly told him that, "Oh yeah, It's a boy."

@Wolfman : Row kept the secret, and Red Ant came pretty darn close.

My new job has been amazing, and over whelming at the same time. I set high standards for myself, and want to do excellent work. So, I tend to be a little hard on myself, but after a week, I'm starting to get a little more comfortable filling out paperwork, and running the MRI scans. There are only six people in the office and everyone pitches in and helps one another, which is refreshing.

The next post should be a photo of the newest little boy to our family.

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Heading to Hospital

Well guys, we are headed to the hospital. Wife's water broke. Gotta go....