Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Your Input On Gear Recommendations

I need some input from my talented and varied audience on gear that is on my radar:

Harry: Shortwave/Ham radio (Brand/model #s) for beginner?

Josh: Single Stage press or Turret for reloading?

History Buffs: I have a friend that talked about an English (?) general during Cromwell's time that marched his forces from sea to sea and won both major battles. I'd like to find a history book about him for his birthday. I can't recall the name...

Books:  Under rated history books, or interesting reads. You know, with all that spare time that I have with school, work, and family.

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. For you definitely a turret press man. I know you well enough to know what firearms you have and what your looking to do with it. None of your firearms are truly "high precision" type setups, not to say they aren't accurate or effective but your not going to be smoking flies at 500 yards with any of them. Your looking to churn out quality consistent ammunition, and I also know you value your time. You will have less time invested per round with a turret press. Its not quite as precise as a single stage, BUT its still on par or above what we buy in the boxes at wally world.

    Turrets are also much more "plug and play" than single stage. You have several different calibers, once you have a plate setup, you can go from 9mm to 5.56 in just a few seconds. This will be a pretty substantial advantage if you ever get Row or Red Ant loading with you. It will take all the guess work out of it for them (and you) and they will be able to just plug right along. The cost up front is a little more, but Im quite confident you will end up with a turret at some point anyway just because the rate of round production is so much higher.

  2. I actually have a plan in the works for a 357 single stage setup as well as casting. It will be sometime next year I suspect before it is complete but I'll tell you all about what I've got up my sleeve the next time I see you. Airguns are truly a magnificent thing my friend, I think your going to enjoy this one.

    1. LOL, I completely forgot that you were into reloading as well. We'll have to go through all the types except progressive and weigh the pros and cons when we finally go to the range or when we have a few beers.

  3. Get both types of press. Can't go wrong with having a rockchucker around. I use a lyman turret top but keep my swagging die in my rockchucker for when I am reloading .556 range brass because I always find a primer pocket that needs swagging that I missed. The rockchuicker also gets my sizing die for all my cast bullets as well. I find the single press just works great for all the extra single die work.