Monday, January 27, 2014

Deep Pantry Savings

Today at Kroger, I ran across yet another example for keeping a deep pantry: Sale items. One of my first post dealt with keeping a log book of prices and this is the lowest price on Kleenex of the year. We've bought 16 so far this week, and plan on another trip. The tissue usually hits a yearly low at flu season.

A 57% savings and it won't spoil!!!
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Reasons to Prep

The first time I saw this I was rolling on the floor. This is one of the reasons that I prepare for my I don't have to deal with this at the stores! Enjoy.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Theory Based Scenario #3 - Flu Pandemic

Caution: While the likelihood of this event is statistically improbable, it might create a pause in thought.

As preppers, we try to image all kinds of things that can go wrong, and how to plan for them. Most people would consider this a negative mental exercise, but it doesn't affect my mental outlook or attitude, so I continue to make relationships and links between seemingly uncommon things or situations. Some of these scenarios can produce humorous outcomes, or provoke serious thought. While it is a never ending list, at least it's a way to pass the time while trying to keep the mind occupied.

Nature has a way of asserting power over her domain. Most population curves are exponential until it hits a correction. Starvation, disease, and/or predation are the three big players in the population decline of a species. While all three of these are viable candidates for the human correction, I'll primarily focus on the disease part of the equation.

The above graph gives a good example of the bubonic plague doing such a correction. Well, we have medicine, antibiotics, and advanced medical procedures. True, but remember that more and more strains of bacteria are becoming immune or resistant to antibiotics, and viruses are usually only treatable for their symptoms.  Antivirals? This type of viral vaccine is very specific a particular type of virus such as Hep C.

The yearly flu vaccine is a mathematical calculation of the most likely types of flu that will be widespread, thus an antiviral vaccine. The 2007-2008 flu vaccine was a flu cocktail miscalculation and only 44% effective. The yearly flu vaccine, typically a trivalent influenza vaccine, is generally a good preventative measure to get, but still struggles to get 40% of the US population vaccinated. Vaccine manufacturers now estimate 138-145 million doses of influenza vaccine will be produced for the U.S. market this season

A new mutation like the swine flu [H1N1], which is included in this year's flu shot by the way, caused the WHO to issue a worldwide pandemic alert in 2009. A mutation of flu virus that jumps species can quickly causes a lot of problems. The Spanish flu of 1918 killed between 20 to 40 million people. More people died from the Spanish flu in a single year than in four-years of the Black Death from 1347 to 1351.

There is already a National Strategy for Pandemic Flu which is a 233 page PDF.  Education and public service announcements will be the front line of defense against the spread of the flu. It warns of possible threats to critical infrastructure such as the movement of goods and containment or travel restrictions. 

How do you prepare? If in a pandemic event, you'll be seeing this poster. It recommends a two week supply of food and water for your family. I have learned during clinical experiences, that even a bus crash can easily overwhelm a hospital due to staffing policies. A major event would leave all of the area hospitals over-crowded and under-staffed.

Here is my sick list for my family, and we are still working on this list as well: Updated from comments, special thanks to 3 boxes of BS.
  1. A sick room.
  2. Kleenex (1 box per person/per day)  Aloe Vera or lotioned.
  3. Humidifier per room (lessens mucus viscosity)
  4. Masks and latex gloves
  5. Cough medicine (adult and children)
  6. Fever reducers (adult and children)
  7. Ability to wash hands
  8. Bottled water (hydration makes mucus less viscous) 
  9. Easy to prepare foods in case caregiver is sick (soups, broths, hot jello, clear liquids, easily another post)
  10. thermometer (covers if available to prevent transmission vectoring)
  11. contact numbers - family, doctor, neighbors
  12. Tamiflu
  13. Decongestants  ( Mucinex - DM) or other favorites
  14. Electrolyte solutions  - Gatorade/Pedialight
  15. trashcan for vomiting (with trash bags)
  16. disposable dishes and utensils for easy cleanup and limiting spread of virus
  17. Blood pressure cuff / stethoscope (listen to lungs)
  18. Rubbing Alcohol for sterilization
  19. Anti-diarrhea medications; Kaopectate, Pepto, to start; Lomidium for severe case
  20. Extra sheets and blankets for changing of linens (I prefer white for bleaching/sterilization)
  21. Bleach for laundry
  22. Lysol wipes for use in public

What other supplies might come in handy? The comment line is open and encouraged.

Keep Right On Prepping - K

2 Years of Blogging & Tidbits

First off, I'd like to thank everyone for reading my musings on my little part of the internet during these two years. It has certainly grown or evolved during this time and will continue to slowly morph. My reasons for prepping have remained the same: family. As a father, it's my duty to make sure that my family is fed, warm, and safe. Which translates into the Prepper mantra of beans, bullets, and Band-aids.

Ed has been moved to a step down critical care unit and will have his heart cath procedure done this week. They needed his kidney function to improve before the surgery because a contrast dye is used to light up the arteries. Thanks again for all of the prayers and thoughts.

Enjoy my first post and as always, comments are welcome.

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First Post and Goals

 plan  (pln)
1. A scheme, program, or method worked out beforehand for the accomplishment of an objective: a plan of attack.
2. A proposed or tentative project or course of action: had no plans for the evening.
3. A systematic arrangement of elements or important parts; a configuration or outline: a seating plan; the plan of a story.
v. planned, plan·ning, plans

 fore·sight  (fôrst, fr-)
1. Perception of the significance and nature of events before they have occurred.
2. Care in providing for the future; prudence.
3. The act of looking forward.


 I wanted to share my thoughts and information about prepping to help others prepare. These posts will be a journey of learning, research, and more importantly action. I have a strong background in the restaurant industry, so I lean heavily towards the food aspect of prepping. I'll be trying many different recipes along the way and honest comments about the product/recipe.  I have a very good background in backpacking, and good at logistics too. I'll be sharing tricks, tips, and hints from the kitchen to the field. I have been blessed with a great wife that is on the same page about prepping (except for antibiotics ) along with two young men ( ages 3 and 6 ).  I have been actively prepping since September of 2011 and consider myself somewhere between rookie and veteran . I want to learn and share.

Friday, January 17, 2014


Ed is improving after a full day in ICU. He was running a 101 degree fever and it has dropped to slightly above normal, and the IV antibiotics is doing its job. They have taken him off the ventilator, and he is breathing on his own without struggling. He is scheduled to have a heart catherization procedure sometime this weekend. My advisor for radiography specialized in heart cath lab, and does call quite a bit at the hospital, and graciously offered to perform the procedure on her off time. Wow, what an amazing offer. I have heard her talk about how great her co-workers are, and declined the offer. Still, I am blown away. I have no doubt that Ed will be in very capable hands while the procedure is being done.

Thanks for all of the comments and prayer warriors. Y'all are awesome!!!

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Prayers and Thoughts

My father-in-law was take to the hospital where I work today by ambulance. We think that he had fallen on Monday, and wasn't found until this afternoon. He has severe sleeping problems, so for a few days to go by without him answering the phone isn't out of the norm. A close friend that often checks on him found him on the bathroom floor, and seriously dehydrated. Sweetheart made it over, but not before the ambulance crew had hm en route to the ER.

Anyways, he is recovering in Cardiac ICU and he has likely had a heart attack. He is intubated and getting settled into his room. It's still early in the prognosis but keep Ed in your thoughts. I'll update as time allows. Any prayers or warm thoughts sent his way would be greatly appreciated.

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Monday, January 13, 2014


I picked up Red Ant With Pincers early today so that we could go shopping for his brother's birthday. Row is actually getting two presents from his brother, and they are safely stored in Daddy's closet.

Yes, this is really Row, the soon to be 8 y/o

K: You can't tell Row that we went shopping for him today, okay?
Red Ant: Yeah, I know. I'll distract him when he gets home.
K: Alright, don't tell him.
Red Ant: I won't.

(Two hours later....about 5 minutes after Row gets home)

Row: So, Daddy...
K: Yes?
Row: I was wondering, where's this present in the Target bag that I not supposed to know about? Can we open it?
K: (laughing) Nope, it's for your birthday.
Row: Oh, okay.

I'll have to make sure that the youngest doesn't know too many secrets, I sense that he can be easily fooled with a Jedi mind trick.

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

One of My Random Thoughts

I went by the local hardware store the other day, and saw that they had a leak in the roof, a broken door, and some really worn paint. Man, if one place ought to have everything fixed this should be it.

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Theory Based Scenario #2

 Caution: While the likelihood of this event is statistically improbable, it might create a pause in thought.

As preppers, we try to image all kinds of things that can go wrong, and how to plan for them. Most people would consider this a negative mental exercise, but it doesn't affect my mental outlook or attitude, so I continue to make relationships and links between seemingly uncommon things or situations. Some of these scenarios can produce humorous outcomes, or provoke serious thought. While it is a never ending list, at least it's a way to pass the time while trying to keep the mind occupied.

The last one that I wrote about linked the climate change, and the huge Mountain House order by the government along with the government's ammo purchase. I'll go back and relabel it as a Theory Based Scenario, and will probably make this a common randomly posted subject. So, we'll begin with this fictional theory post.

I'm hoping that most of my readers remember the missing truck in Mexico that had the radioactive payload  [link provided].  The Cobalt-60 is a radioactive isotope that can release high-energy gamma radiation. While the beta energy from this isotope is easily offset by low level shielding, the higher energy can be devastating to humans. This is a very penetrating 1.3 MeV energy isotope [enough energy to cause pair production reactions in human cells]. The half life is 5.2 years, and would render the fallout area generally uninhabitable for this amount of time. In other words, an effective dirty bomb material candidate.

It is also known that the Mexican cartels employs military personnel to control their territories, combat Mexican army units, and expand territory from other cartels. It is also known that the cartels have enough cash to purchase equipment that is superior to the official government equipment, and enough money to pay their employees better as well. Another safe deduction is that the ex-military training would involve nuclear weapon handling, and explosive devices. One can safely deduce that any Narco group to be in possession of a working dirty bomb could have an extremely advantageous bargaining position against the official Mexican Army and competing cartels.

While this poses no threats to the gringo population, unless it is detonated in the United States, it could create a few crisis conditions in the United States. It has long been known that Islamic terrorists have been trying to acquire nuclear material to detonate in the United States. Thus, a declining cartel could very well be persuaded to use their "Last Stand Weapon" either in the US or Mexico. It would be pure political suicide to use it. It might just be a case of the spoiled kid that knocks over the game board when it becomes obvious that he/she is gonna lose.

The economic impact would be huge if commerce was disrupted [link for further data]  between our two countries. The possible influx of illegal immigration into the Reconquista areas of the United States could also create added racial tension, and other cultural blow backs. The increase in crude prices that would ripple through the US economy would probably be the biggest negative impact on the typical American.

I really enjoyed the feedback from my fellow bloggers, and back and forth dialogue. I'll open up the feedback portion of the post with a  few starter questions:
How could you prepare for this event?
Additional random comments?
Do you like these type of posts, and would you enjoy more of these?

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Monday, January 6, 2014

Repair Addendum

Our agent tells us that the sellers have agreed to fix all of the requested items on our repair list. The house will not be completely repaired from the findings from the house inspection, but all of the expensive repairs and those that I am not able to do will be fixed before closing. This is great news as we were expecting some resistance in fixing the Wood Burning fireplace gas line and chimney cap.

I'll have to go back and make sure all of the repairs are satisfactory.

Keep Right On Prepping - K

Thursday, January 2, 2014

No Catchy Title, Just Life.

It's been a while since my last post, and I've enjoyed the holiday break. I've been thinking about the direction of the blog, and I'm still not sure what it will hold in the future. I still have the desire to share information that I run across...what works for me, and what doesn't.

While I enjoy reading the every day activities of several bloggers, I find that I just don't have the time to fully commit to such an endeavor. I would love to see huge numbers on my stat page, but maybe I'm being a bit narcissistic. Anyways, I'll just keep punching away at the keyboard and see what happens in the stat department. I'm a bit competitive for those that know me, such as my classmates, and our class has some really, really smart people. Hence, I rarely find myself on winning the gold, so to speak. I just have to work harder than most of my classmates is what it boils down to.

On the house front, we are in the final stages of purchasing a newer house in the school zone for the boys. The repair addendum should be resolved this Monday, and the closing is on the 28th of this month. The money that is leaving our hands has been a source of stress for me, and I've lost a few nights of sleep over it. I've always wanted to keep our cost of living low, but it is time to move on to another home. The boy's education is a high priority, and Sweetheart has wanted a newer house for several years. She has been very patient with me, and it has all worked out for the best. I probably wouldn't be able to devote as much time to school if we had a higher house payment.

The housing market in our current neighborhood has a lot of houses for sale, but the demographics are solid. In two years, the school district will have remodeled and rebuild a number of the district's elementary schools, and it should help our property values. So, we will hold onto our "starter home", and use it as a rental property. We have two options for renters, both wanting to rent for at least a year. One group is a few classmates that want rent to save money, and have more space. I've agreed to rent it for a reasonable amount, and don't plan on raising their rent, as long as they pay on time. Seems like a symbiotic relationship to me. The second option is a close friends study mate, and he'll be an RN within a month or two.

The Christmas holidays brought out the usual conversation, and I was outed as a survivalist. It was an uncomfortable situation since I didn't know how it was presented. The term usually has a negative connotation, and I really didn't want the attention for being prepared. I know that my nuclear family reads this blog, and I can't really be too upset. (laughing) I know I'm not gonna be on Doomsday preppers. Anyways, if making sure that my family is warm, fed and safe, then I guess that you can label me a survivalist. I'm sure not gonna lay down and die if things get tough!

My Aunt asked me what she needed to be doing. I asked her about her medication, and if she was doing the three months at a time. I also recommended storing water, a couple of cases of water is an easy fix for the short term. My Grandmother always had a full pantry of food. I wasn't because she thought something bad was gonna happen, it was because she got it for a good price. Frugality before it was in vogue! These are just some of the things our Grandparents did before the preparedness movement. I guess it all boils down to that I don't wanna be labeled as the family wack job for liking guns, being full, and comfortable in any situation.  Who knows, maybe they'll take a look at their own situation before the lights go out during the next winter storm.

I would love to hear your comments and Keep Right On Prepping - K