Getting Started

 This is continually being updated as I find excellent information. So check back, and I'll even post chronologically for you.

1. Get your finances in order! The number one emergency in America has to do with not having enough money, learn how to manage your finances with Dave Ramsey.

Dave Ramsey Home Page

2. Federal Emergency Management Agency Website: Basic stuff - good place to start

3. Sent from my brother-in-law:
Glen Beck - what can you do to prepare

4. Latter-Day Saints are without a doubt my food storage professionals:
LDS Home Storage

5. The Weather Channels Basic Primer for weather related event preparation:

6. Thanks to Beth of Big Red Barn for the link for MRE recipes:

7. Thanks to Monsoon Matriarch for posting an excellent article of what types of food to store. It goes beyond your basic rice and beans and gets you to thinking more about calorie density. Well worth your time.

8. I don't know how I over looked the Granddaddy of them all  - Survival Blog getting started page.

9. A good observational post about panic buying during the 2012-2013 Gun Control Legislation.

10. A link for questions about the shelf life of food.

11. An excellent article for on the fly prepping in the event of an emergency. Doing this list ahead of time will save you a lot of time.

12. An excellent primer article on location and SHTF by e.IA.f.t. Eastern Iowa Firearms Training blog.

13. Lucky number 13 goes to Harry Flashman about long term ammo storage. An excellent article that will answer 99.99% of your questions.



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