Friday, September 11, 2015

Where Were You....

I was in my new home on my day off, when I plugged in the TV and turned it to the news to see the second plane hit the twin towers. Surreal...walked around most of the day in a kind of hazy awareness and wondering how people could do this? A lot of the world hates America...

I'm sure a terrorist organization would love to pop off a few EMPs over the continental US.

Keep Right On Prepping - K

On the way to school, I tried to explain the importance of 9-11. Both my boys can't understand why someone would fly a plane of full of people into a building. Not one, but three planes as weapons. I can't explain it, and happy that they can't phantom it.  - K


  1. Senior was onboard his ship, they had pulled in for a two week maintainence period, he called me at work, we were in the phone when he told me the second plane hit. They locked down the base and he did not come home until later..

    Now, 14 years later. This country has gotten so darn complacent... Makes me sad.

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  3. I was late to work due to a migrane. I called in to tell I'd be late. The person who answered told me not to bother, to turn on the news, and that the military installation was about to be locked down, essential personnel only. Watched in horror, headache did not go away. My sister was in Alabama, scheduled to leave a few hours later. She didn't go anywhere for 3 days. At least she was there to comfort our parents.

  4. @JUGM and MM: 9-11 will be one of those moments on history or time markers that people will remember where they were. My parents remember the JFK assassination, which would be another example.

  5. K, I remember both myself. I pray that you will never have a second major moment like these to remember. These events are markers of sudden change in our world, not necessarily ushering change for the better.