Thursday, August 27, 2015

Feeding the Beast

I really hate some doctors. Especially those that write MRI orders so that they can get paid for the doctor's visit. For instance, this week I've scanned a cervical spine for a patient whose chief complaint was that her right index finger had been numb for a week. Medicare for those wanting to get enraged.

I also scanned another patient that came in for a brain scan for swelling around her mouth and a day long headache. Smelled like alcohol and Medicare again. Our tax dollars at work, and I'm mentally screaming inside my cranium the whole time I'm doing these unnecessary procedures.

I texted Revolver about the scans and included a picture that I found that summed up our attitudes while doing nearly any online discussion questions while we were in school...

Keep Right On Prepping, it's gonna get ugly - K

If I could just figure out which on eis me and which one is revolver..I think the one on the right has less hair...

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