Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7th, 1941 & The Present

December 7th, 1941  -- a date which will live in infamy --


For serving America during it's time of need, without reservation, without remorse, without fear, You were "The Greatest Generation".

Without a doubt, America is in a decline. There are many world powers, and groups that would like to see the USA burn. It would be hard for any country to go toe-to-toe with the United States, and hopefully they realize that with a well-armed citizenry [2nd Amendment] that any invasion would be futile. The best way for any nation to defeat the US is to let it crumble from within, which seems to be working. Sun Tzu anyone?

A Modern Version?

My greatest fear, and personal leanings towards prepping involves the explosion of a small nuclear warhead high in the stratosphere over the continental US by a terrorist organization. The resulting EMP would destroy the power grid, and the electronical advantage that the United States enjoys over other countries. A massive die off would follow....

Mechanical and low technology solutions are out there that can be used in any prepping situation. If you can prepare for a extended power outage then you can prepare for an EMP. (Psst, more likely to be without power than a nuke)

Keep Right On Prepping -K


  1. EMP is rather controversial and I admit I don't know enough about it to take a side but several people who comment or have commented in the past on my blog have claimed it isn't nearly as dangerous as many claim.

    What the truth is I don't know but it made me go with Old tractors over new!!!

  2. People used to make fillings out of Iridium [radioactive] because it wasa nice white color, and drinking radioactive water was a "health boost". A lot has to be learned, which should lead to a post on the Carrington Event of 1859.