Thursday, October 29, 2015

Presidential Prediction 2016

I'm going to make my predictions for the next Presidential election cycle.

On the republican side, Ted Cruz.

Hispanic descend, well positioned politically, and from a large electoral state. He'll need a non-southern running mate for more domestic appeal.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton.

Good name recognition, a political machine since Bill Clinton was president, aspirations since Slick Willy was governor of Arkansas, moved to New York as soon as possible for home field advantage in electoral college.

I'm calling the Presidential Election winner to Hillary Clinton.

My reasoning:
  • Female - going to play the female card reasoning for president. Hey, the race card worked for Obummer!
  • A huge political machine that has been refined from the original Clinton campaign, and refined for Hillary since fleeing the backwoods of Arkansas.
  • Bill Clinton is highly regarded by the black community, and she'll use that connect to widen her voter base.
  • Socialist, which means the non-productive members of society will vote to continue the "free lunches" available through the Democratic party. This is my main reason for my prediction. America has been lost without a huge fundamental change in the voter base.

This is a preparedness blog so here are a few thoughts to counter her future plans for America.
  1. Decouple from the banking system by using cash whenever possible, less tracking of your personal purchases. 
  2. Purchase (or have purchased) at least one gun through a private seller with no government records.
  3. Purchase ALL ammo WITH CASH. No one needs to know how much ammo you have stored. 
  4. Eliminate debt as much as possible. Taxes are going to increase, I'll take any wagers on this one.
  5. Reduce your total cost of living, and set back cash out of the banking system for emergencies. Think Crete.
  6. Purchase any gun magazines that you want or will want in the future. The anti-gun establishment will not relent. A 30 round mag might be worth $100 very soon.
  7. Reduce your voluntary tax exposure. Stop smoking. Drink at home. Eat at home more often. Look at different ways to reduce your tax bills. Tune up your car (less gas tax).
  8. Buy some junk silver or precious metals. If it's not in your possession, then it not really yours.

Your comments and suggestions are more than welcome, but be civil. Any new items added to the "Prepare for Hillary" list will be credited to you. Thanks in advance.

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. I am hoping for a Trump Carson ticket. If I don't get it, I won't vote. What's the point? Clinton is an evil bitch and I'm sick of voting for Republican pasty faced liars.

    1. I would love a Cruz/Carson ticket. I will vote for whatever conservative (or RINO) the Republicans put up. I can't stand Clinton or the thought of another dem in the White House, but if enough people just 'don't vote'; why have an election? Just leave Obama in the White House, or Biden. Heaven help us. We need to vote to have any chance at turning the country around.

      Though I sadly agree. Socialism and the continued persecution of Christians, and conservatives, does seem to be in our near future.

      Stay safe and thanks for sharing your thoughts. God bless.

    2. you are wrong sir ..the next president will be Donald trump and she will run against Hillary and the voting margin will be close but the Donald will win...also sciencetology will be indicted by the RICO act and all the buildings will be sold and the stock market will go to 21000

  2. This last election we were all heard loud and clear and put the Republicans in to change things. How did that work out? They are all one party now..... So,. why have an election? The fix is in, no matter whom we vote for. Sad

    1. I have to agree with you on that. Disappointed does not express how I felt. I can think of a half dozen Southern states (and I do mean Southern) that should just form a more perfect union...

  3. linda g
    i'm all for it.
    but the wheat grows with the tares until the end.
    but it is a beautiful idea.
    do we have any decent God fearing men knowledgeable enough to step into Southern government?

    1. If it came to a Southern Union, I might hope for Ted Cruz. I think Texas Governor Greg Abbott would be a good choice as well. There are probably others that I am not associated with.
      I agree though. There is a purpose and He is in control, whether I see it or not.
      Have a blessed weekend, Deborah.

  4. Whoever the next president is we are still fucked.