Monday, July 24, 2017

Time To Stock Up - Office Supplies/Pantry

Just a friendly reminder to look at the sales papers and stock up your home office with these loss leaders. Over the next few weeks, you should be able to collect some really good deals.

*Pencils never dry out, and they are better for backpacking than pens, the ink tends to smear when the paper gets wet.

* Gallon Ziploc bags are priced at the best price this time of year since they appear on a lot of school supply lists.

*Flash drives or thumb drives are priced really good this time of year too. Might be a good time to transfer some photos onto these portable storage devices.

*Peanut butter is also usually a good buy since most kids are packing their lunches.

*Printer paper, notebook paper, crayons, folders, and pens are on my resupply list for our home office and crafts area.

What are some of the back to school supplies that you usually stock up on this time of year?

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. I really appreciate these 'time-of-year' updates. Thank you, K.
    I hope you are all doing well. Be safe and God bless.

  2. You know I'm all about stretching our family's dollar.