Thursday, May 21, 2015

Weekend Update from Last week

We had our Dave Ramsey garage sale last weekend, and got rid of some clutter, and made some cash. Our recent graduating class of Financial Peace University decided to have the garage sale as a way to raise Step 1. Step one is a reserve of $1000 for emergencies. The money that we raised was almost enough to pay for a new grill!!! Sunday was a the inaugural BBQ chicken was awesome.

 The BBQ sauce had an "expiration" date of December, but thankfully everyone survived.

I had our monthly meeting with the radiography crew later that evening. The waiter actually rounded the change in my favor! What a refreshing change, no pun intended.

Revolver610 made an interesting comment that I've been dwelling on. He said that being in the medical profession, he feels that he is fighting Darwin. I  completely agree. Some of the patients that I see, I can only hope that they don't reproduce. It's not the Zombie apocalypse that we need to worry about, it's the "short bus window lickers" apocalypse we are experiencing that we need to worry about.

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. I have an associate who is a nurse in an ER. She echoes your sentiments exactly.

    1. I see the results of a lot of bad decisions, and lawsuit cases. Makes me very afraid to get into a wreck.

  2. Its the ER more than any other place that has made me feel that way. Perhaps the most insulting part of all of it is the sense of entitlement. "It doesn't matter if I have health insurance, you have to help me, you don't have a choice!" That crap gets old, and boys and girls, its only partially true. Do we have to make sure that when you leave out those doors your mostly stable...ish? Yeah, but exactly what qualifies as "Stable" is rather... subjective. Again, when Im dictator of the world, everyone with an IQ bellow 110 will be put out of their and everyone else's misery.

  3. On an unrelated side note, you may enjoy reading this K; its quite lengthy and gets a little... redundant toward the end, but excellent information from an excellent source.

  4. I love bbq chicken, but don't often have it because my chicken either ends up burnt or underdone.
    Congratulations on your sale success!
    Hope you all have a blessed weekend!