Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why Prep?

Why do I prep? Family. It is a fact that accidents, mistakes, and "Oh Shit" moments are going to happen. 100 percent probability. Why not try to minimize the event? I am actively preparing for unemployment since I am returning to school full time for a career in the medical field. Actually, I'll be working one or two shifts a week depending on the amount of time that school requires. I also believe that inflation is a 100 percent surety. Things are not getting cheaper and my income isn't rising. Given all of these factors, it makes perfect sense to plan, to use some foresight, and to be prepared.
I am also a backpacker. When preparing for trips, I try to think of everything that I might need. It is just a logical extension to include my house and family. I don't expect the government to collapse, or an asteroid to hit the Earth, but I do plan for snowstorms, wage losses, the power going out, and inflation.
I have learned to use extreme coupons techniques ( a later how to post) to reduce my grocery bill while increasing my stockpile. I shouldn't have to buy toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, deodorant, soap, razors, and a few other items for at least three years. All of these items were free once coupled with coupons, sales, and a little work. A few of the items, the store paid me to take them out of the store. I have also been preparing for a small power outage ( think snowstorm ) by having a generator ready to be used ( yet another post ).
My ultimate goals are to be away from my city and have a country home that is custom designed. Homesteading with minimal grid reliance. This is many years away, but the groundwork is being laid down now.
The power grid going out or financial collapse (recession/depression) are my two biggest long term concerns. I lump pandemic, snowstorms, tornadoes, and earthquakes into the same scenario. They are just a few added steps and/or preparations apart. A nearby town was hit by a tornado, and they were out of power for over three weeks. What would you do?  Anyways, just a few random thoughts.
I do watch National Geographic Preppers series. I'm not very fond of how they show the idea of being prepared as a mental disorder.

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