Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ultralight Backpacking Cache or SHTF Cache - Part 2 of 2

SHTF ( Shit Hits the Fan ) Cache Version:

While this is hypothetical, I do have quite a bit of experience with backpacking caches. For the first part, here is the link that will open it in a new window.

Personally and ideally, I would place a cache at each ( or near ) stop if I had to walk home. This stop would probably be for the night, since I would be in a hurry to get home. The cache gives me a couple of advantages: I will look like everyone else when headed home, and I'll have less to carry. It will also make me a less likely target for begging, robbery, and/or questioning. Here is the Grey ManTheory.

The location will require planning and some foresight while you're driving home. Occasionally, I make a game out of drive time and point of various locations that might or might not be an excellent location for holing up. These locations can be evaluated throughout the year. Consider security and also take into consideration the Highway Dept. and mowing and maintenance. Weather conditions....snow, covering the site and making it harder to find. The depth of the cache needs to be deeper than the frost line. In my area, it is around 1 to 2 feet.

Some items that I would include and why:
  • 2 water bottles - one to drink immediately, and one to purify water while the other is drinkable OR Water Filtration Bottle.
  • fresh socks, underwear - discard old ones
  • $1.00 plastic "emergency" poncho - improv rain gear.
  • napkins from any fast food restaurant - toilet paper, tissue, and kindling.
  • Compass on a lanyard under shirt.
  • Bandana with a custom map created with a sharpie. Rolled up as a headband while traveling.
  • lighter - obvious reasons.
  • water tablets
  • aspirin/tylenol
  • Military MRE peanut butter/cheese spread & wheat snack bread
  • Any food item that can withstand a 5 year burial.
  • hard candy - share for info along route / conversation starter.
  • hints as to next cache - perhaps?
  • laminated photos on family - motivation.
  • MRE drink mixes ( 2 )
  • small hotel soap - packaged in mylar bag to prevent scent transfer/contamination. I sleep better clean.
  • ammunition w/ magazine for CCW weapon. Empty mag with bullets in mylar bag for moisture protection.
  • Favorite MRE meal.

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