Sunday, December 15, 2013

Meal Kit Supply MRE Review - Pouch 5

We tried pouch 5 from Meal Kit Supply during our ration heater experiment. I've provided a link, that opens in a new window, for the previous reviews that we have done in the past. Pouch 5 includes: Beef Ravioli, Potato Cheddar Soup, Chocolate Pudding, Crackers, Cheese Spread, and Lemon-Lime Electrolytes Drink.

Nutritional Information:

The complete nutritional information for every pouch, and the items in them, are available here.

Menu 5 includes: 19 oz (1.19 LB)

Beef Ravioli In Meat Sauce
Potato Cheddar Soup
Chocolate Pudding Dessert Powder
Cracker And Cheese Spread
Lemon-Lime Electrolyte Beverage Powder
Instant Coffee, Creamer, & Sugar
Condiments, Spoon, Moist Towelette, Napkin

The Beef Raviolis received the same comments as our earlier review. It was nice to see that the MRE entrees had the same level of consistency, and taste.

After our last review of the electrolyte drink, we decided to reduce the amount of water by an ounce. It did improve the taste and Row, our seven year old, exclaimed that it "tastes just like Gatorade!!!" Red Ant, our four year old, also enjoyed the drink which was kind of surprising. Of course, Mom and Dad would drink this after any long hike, or workout.

Our initial reaction to the unsalted crackers were that they were too bland. We quickly changed our minds with the addition of the cheese spread, and thought that it complimented the cheese spread very well. The cheese spread was noticeably creamier, and had a better cheese flavor than our previous reviews. The freshness from Meal Kit Supply made a huge difference, and the boys were trying to figure out how to stack more cheesy goodness on top of the crackers.  Sweetheart commented that the cheese spread was salty, so the lack of salt on the crackers was a non-issue. The boys also liked the cheese spread more than the crackers.

The potato cheddar soup was also a clear winner with the adults. You can read a more detailed review by clicking the link.

Probably the most anticipated item for us was the chocolate pudding. It was very easy to prepare. Just add the water, fold over the flap, and shake for 60 seconds. I was really surprised at the quality of the instant pudding and overall taste. The pudding would be a highly valued trading commodity in any campsite. My two boys would have licked the inside of the pouch...Okay, what the heck, we let them do it. I probably would have too!

Final Thoughts:

This pouch had a lot of highly rated entrees, and it wouldn't provide many trading opportunities for something else. This is the pouch for chocolate lovers. Hot cocoa and chocolate pudding, what could be better after a hard day of canoeing or backpacking? This pouch is a lot of food [1370 calories] for one person, and could easily be a meal and a snack.   

The favorite drink and food pick for each reviewer:

  • Row (7 years old): Lemon-Lime Drink and Cheese Spread
  • Red Ant (4 years old): Cocoa and Cheese Spread
  • Sweetheart: Cocoa and Potato Soup w/ the Chocolate Pudding running a close second
  • K: Lemon-lime Drink and Chocolate Pudding a tie between Oatmeal and Bread w/ jam

Beef Ravioli With Meat Sauce  * * * (3)
Potato Cheese Soup * * * (3)
Cheese Spread And Crackers  * * * * (4)
Cocoa Drink * * * * (4)
Chocolate Pudding * * * * (4)
Lemon-Lime Electrolyte Beverage Powder * * * * (4)
Instant Coffee, Creamer, & Sugar * * (2) The boys didn't sample this one

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