Saturday, May 17, 2014

Yesterday's Crawfish Boil

Yesterday our class had the annual crawfish boil for graduates. The food was tremendous, and the fellowship was awesome. In a way it was kind of sad, because a few of the people pictured won't be walking at graduation today. This was probably the last time that I'll see a few of them after 22 months of intense schooling. We even had two people that dropped out of the program join us through invites.

In a way, I'm happy to graduate, but sad that we won't be such a close knit, sometimes dysfunctional family. We've gotten to know one another like long time co-workers. I'm proud to be graduating with this great bunch of people.

Staff and students enjoying the feast.

One of my four piles, and of course a beer.

I was also given a male baby shower by my classmates. Joel, is pictured behind the stack of wipes and diapers. My buddy got me the craft beer, thanks JH! I also got a few gift cards, and was told to spend them on myself because they know that my allowance goes to the boys or food.

JH and his award winning pile of crawfish carcasses.

FYI: A camelback can hold five beers. It was pondered if doing a head stand with a camelback was considered a keg stand?

Keep Right On Prepping - K

I bought these for my Sweetheart this morning as a Thank You.

"Even though the spotlight will be on me today, you deserve all of the credit. Without you, none of this would have been possible - Always my Love - K"


  1. Beautiful flowers.:-)
    I love crawfish, so I am a tiny bit jealous; but you definitely earned them!
    Have a blessed Sunday and stay safe. ♥

  2. That definitely was a fun day K, I'm having the same happy/ sad hangup you are.