Monday, July 7, 2014

Another Project Finished: Home Speaker Installation & Finishing

This project has been an on and off project since we bought the house. The big rush was to get the room painted and the speakers placed out of the way.

The blank slate of our new house.

The plan was to have the flat panel TV mounted on the wall, and putting all of the stereo components under the TV in its own cabinet. However, the projection TV wouldn't fit through the doorway of the playroom, and it made it's home in the living room.

We'd really like a TV that we can hang on the wall, but we can't justify spending the money while the other TV is still working like a champ.

Our 65" Mitsubishi TV that I bought in 2001, and still rockin' a great picture.

The Klipsch KLF-C7 center channel for the surround sound on the ground that's waiting to be wired into the system. I've been gradually working on my home theater for over 20 years, and still have a few more things I'd like to add.

The Cornwallis speakers will just barely fit into the space, with a few modifications. The top trim will have to be trimmed down, and the center shelf inside the cabinet will have to go. The space will also have to be widened a few inches on the top and sides for a good fit.

The speaker is finally installed, and the wiring done. I took a rather long break to finish school, and other pressing projects.

The living room got new colors, and the built-ins got all new paint, plus new hardware. The front trim has also been reinstalled.

Another close-up.

These are the frames that cover the speakers. All I needed was a fabric that matches the cream finish on the built-ins. I took paint samples from all three colors in the living room, and made my own paint wheel. Sweetheart picked the cloth fabric.

The fabric was pulled tight over the frame and trimmed.

Of course, no project of mine would be complete without a run to the hardware store. Where did those staples go? Anyways, I had to pick up the Velcro strips to hold the frames onto the built-in.

The almost finished project, before a minor reworking of the loose fabric on the frame.

Measure twice, pencil mark where the frames should be, and apply Velcro.

I'm happy with the final result. A hidden speaker area for our home entertainment system. Now, how long will it take the boys to notice?

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. Just think, after you have busted your butt getting your place all fixed up the way you want it, then you can start killing yourself taking care of it.

    But it's better than renting and having a "Land Lord." I hate that term.

    1. I'm all about lowering the maintenance and upkeep on a place. The projects tend to leans towards saving money or time. Oh, or increasing the value through sweat equity.