Sunday, November 9, 2014

A New Prepper and Questions For My 5 Readers

I was over at Harry Flashman's blog and he introduced a new prepper blog to our community, and it got me to thinking. What would you have done differently, if you could go back in time with your current knowledge. This only applies to prepping, and not subjects like "I won't have married XXXXX, or I would have invested in Apple, Google, and Amazon" Before we get started, pop on over to The Popwell Homestead and say hello, a link has been provided.

I'll go first. Things I should have done....
  • I would have gotten my water purification system/plan finished a lot sooner.
  • Bought more rice than wheat.
  • Bought more guns through second hand buyers, so that there is no paperwork.
  • I bought too many freeze dried strawberries, and they didn't hold up very well as they contain a lot of strawberry dust. 
  • Gone to a LSD cannery to make my own #10 canned goods.
  • Bought some land instead of spending money on other items.
  • Better OPSEC
Things I'm proud of doing....
  • A deep pantry that is stocked with items that were on sale. (I reload when things go on sale.)
  • My blog, to share and gather information. 
  • The amount of ammo that I've gradually accumulated.
  • Family involvement.
  • Buying small amounts of silver coins when I can afford it.
  • Going back to school, and entering the medical field.
Here's the question portion, you can answer here or hop on over to The Popwell Homestead and hijack her comments section there.

"When I was new to prepping, I was wish I had done this..."

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. Things I should have done... hmmm. I should have focused more on actual production right off the bat than simple hoarding. I should have sunk a bit less money into firearms and more into hard to find small tractor implements like a hay mower and baler. If you can find them they sometimes go cheap but it can take a long time to find that old lower horsepower stuff these days since most of it was made in the 50's.

    Proud of? Just like tonight now that all the overgrown areas are mowed the final time and the place is starting to look organized once again without hoses, rakes, trailers etc. laying around. Just looking at all the fruit trees, sheep grazing, wood stacked, newly mended fences, etc. etc. is enough to make me proud. There are still some bad spots. The back half of the barn needs painting, weed trees removed, but it looks like a place of production now and that makes me proud.

    1. I also like to step back and look at what I have done too. You should be proud of your accomplishments!!!

  2. I wish I had been smart enough to learn baking, canning, pickling, knitting, sewing, quilting, and anything ELSE my grandmother could have taught me. I can't believe how stupid I was back then.

    What. I am proud of? Better late than never?

    1. It's never too late to learn. It just takes a little longer...

  3. Hi K

    I have seen recipes using the strawberry dust as a sweetener. I think I have seen recipes at Emergency Essentials among other places. They are selling the dust as it's own product.

    1. Really? Thanks for the info. I had thought about using it for smoothies, or strawberries muffins and/or pancakes. I haven't tried it though....