Sunday, February 15, 2015

Standard Storm preps

1. Cars filled with gas
2. Generator ready with power cords & gas
3. Electronic devices topped off
4. Pantry topped off with some comfort foods
5. Firewood
6. Over night bag for work , stranded scenario (Get to Work Bag)
7. Outside car covered with tarp (ice and freezing rain here)
8. Flashlights checked

What are some of your standard routines when a storm is on the radar?

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. I find the wife's keys and hide them until I know she isn't gonna get stranded AGAIN. She tends to go to work when she shouldn't even though she has like 4 years of vacation built up.

  2. LOL. Very pragmatic of you!

  3. A great reminder. During the winter we never let the cars get below half a tank. I see too many folks wear lite clothing because they are in a warm car.

    1. A sure way for a bad situation to turn tragic. Always plan on walking.

  4. I hope all this bad weather is not hitting too hard where you are. Having to go to work and take care of a family, the last thing you need is weather issues.